Brothers of Element Series

Someone was finning his people at an alarming rate, but restoring their friendship was the only way to save his ocean.
Someone was finning his people at an alarming rate, but restoring their friendship was the only way to save his ocean.

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“Blade” received four chocolate covered strawberries as a rating 🙂


Fast paced and complex, this second in the series proves the adage that “books must be read in order” – while the story itself is highly enjoyable as a stand alone, many of the characters and story lines continue from Dagger’s story. Watching the power struggle between Miyuki and Blade teases the reader for a large portion of the story. Fortunately, cleverly written storylines weave like netting to capture the reader and keep them ensnared while the frustrating couple works out their issues. Their chemistry ranks off the charts and their action packed initial mating feels much like the fight scenes that proceed it – sexy, angry and entertaining as hell.

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(4.7 rating on Amazon, 9 five star reviews)

Available: Amzn, B&N,, Bibliocracy, Kobo, Deisel,  364pg full length underwater parafantasy novel

“REMEMBER, YOU GAVE me your word, no swimming with the killer whales tonight,” Jack reminded her… again. “We’ll go out tomorrow night, I promise.” His words tickled down her face as he spoke against her temple. “The E.R. is swamped this time of year, Drew. Vacationers and saltwater,” he said, shaking his head, “is a bad mix. So, please no killer whales tonight.”

Drew knew she was the worst liar, but this promise she could make. She wasn’t looking for her whale, Bandit, tonight, although she liked swimming with the curious mammal, he came off as a rebellious teen at times, needing attention. No, tonight, she needed T-Bone—she needed to vent. Not that T-Bone ever answered her when she spoke to him, that would freak her out, but he never left the pier until she stopped talking, like a real pet—or dare she say—friend.

The dreams she’s had over the last month with a blue, seven-foot-tall man became disturbingly real. The emotional connection pressed her mind, made her afraid to open her eyes at night, convinced he lay beside her. She even entertained the thought of it being her dead fiancé, Malcolm, visiting her dreams as a different man. A blue man. Maybe the glass of Hypnotic colored her dreams. Why else would she dream in blue?  


(4.8 rating on Amazon 3 five stars, 1 four star)




He was out now, he thought, toeing off his sandals and tucking them and a towel for drying off on the canal lockers footrest. Hiding his animal had been a choice he made in order to protect what he could not fully remember. Living amongst his animal’s naturalpredators was difficult enough when he was the only one of his kind. But with his broken memories of living in the Indian Ocean, where King Augustine is banned to even travel through by his own father, has he placed an extra burden on the Bartholomew family having him there? Secrecy had become his and their protection.

 Lately, his old memories had begun to surface and flash through his mind. Happy faces, then frightened faces, then bloody faces. His father’s lifeless, pale human form on the shore, him trying to revive him—lifeless—nothing. His brother’s body curled over his mother’s—both dead, ten feet away. Tsunami storm debris cluttered the beach, but he had no visuals of where that beach was. And had Queen Pe’lonia not found him, he would have never known where he came from if he were still alive. He learned to live with the missing pieces, but others began to fill in the blanks with speculation and suspicion.


Can three hundred years of love be enough when jealousy walks in?


(Four star rating on

SHORT STORY 19 PGS.  First scene of Dagger included.

Only Available  & FREE @ ALLROMANCE.COM.


Pressure played through Carina’s heart. Tightening, flexing the tender muscle, it threatened to burst. She had dreaded this day for over three hundred years. The day envy found the heart of the strongest man she knew. Today it found her life mate. 

Pain ripped at her heart as she leaned along the doorjamb, listening to the echo down the hallway. The front door made a light snick. Desmond left their home with jealously in his heart. He had refused her pleadings to stay and talk it over. 

He would have to find peace with this himself, she thought. She crossed the room, unbraiding her thick wavy hair. This was Desmond’s favorite part of their nightly bathing ritual, him combing out her hair. Running his fingers through it and tugging her head back so he could kiss her forehead.

She dropped her shoulders. He and King Dagger were the best of friends. What could have caused this envy?

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  1. Are you aware that Blade is not available on amazon the link does not work and the book can’t be found on the website. If amazon is not going to sell it please consider making it available in PDF so people with kindles can purchase it to read, the B&N nook efile does not work on kindles. Thanks

    1. I have all the books in this series and i have enjoyed each one… i have been waiting to read about the next brither or continuation of Ridge

  2. Hi, Carolyn. I love hearing you enjoy the brothers. I am so thankful you enjoy my underwater world.
    Health took me out of my writing cave this last year, so I’m playing catch up on all fronts.
    But my readers on FB convinced me Ridge needed a follow up. So I’m working on completing the next book in the contemporary series ( Blakemore, Jamie and Julia’s book) then I’m onto the follow up to Ridge’s book. No exact date but I’m working hard. If you haven’t left a review for brothers, I would greatly appreciate it if you would. It helps more than readers realize.
    Have a great day and thank you again,
    Cora Blu

    1. I’m happy to hear that you are feeling better. I look forward to reading more about Ridge, but I’m hoping her and ridge are not torn apart….

  3. Their love is crazy strong in this installment. You’ll also meet one of the other brother’s lifemate.
    I’m so excited.

    Have a great evening,
    Cora Blu

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