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New cover on paperback soon.
New cover on paperback soon.

Even if you’re not a fan of Sci-fi, I believe you will enjoy this love story. 

What would you do if a seven foot tall alien built like a Hell’s Angle motorcycle gang member abducted you to a space station in outer space? Is it better than being a maid on Earth in 1958?

One beta reader’s response to the prequel

“Oh my gosh, I loved it!  I can’t wait for the entire story.  It was warm, loving and filled me with anticipation. The entire storyline is fantastic.  Her being a maid who is  spy is exciting.  Aroc is very sexually appealing.  Like she said, he had every woman’s dream. You did a fantastic job.”


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5.0 out of 5 stars Amazing Read!! March 31, 2015
Verified Purchase
Look Cora Blu has done it again!! If you want original body of work this is the author!! Her imagination, storytelling blows my mind. I can’t put into words how she paints a freaking picture of each scene. The story line alone is like what the hell, and its GREAT!! She sucks you in to that world and keeps you there til the end. This book was a great read!! I don’t want to spoil it… just let you know its worth your coins!! Get into her series also Brothers of Element Series!!

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Loved it (5 Star)

By Snoopyvet (Karen) on March 10, 2015

I was given a copy by the author and I was beyond blow away by how much I loved this book. How she combines elements of Earth’s history along with pieces from her underwater series was outstanding. The idea behind this book is just terrific and I’m really hoping she writes more of the characters we met in this book.
It’s sci-fi, romance and thriller all rolled into one
Ms. Blu does it again. Great book, great adventure. Loved her voyage into SciFi. Keep them coming.

 Domestic Duet Box Set1958 Georgia.

The treaty between the Human Government and the Karuntee clan of Moon Dwellers is on shaky ground when greed takes over. Black-market fuel is being sold on the dark side of the moon placing both earth, the moon, and the ocean in jeopardy.

Captain Aroc Farkus head of the Clan of Karuntee sits in a hospital lobby mourning the death of his family. His world has been turned upside down leaving him broken hearted.

Captain Aroc Farkus of the Karuntee Clan of Moon Dwellers is in need of a human female.

Domestic Cover_edited-6

Sadie Ochi Alexander is about to have a new world open before her and all she has to do is not scream.





Captain Aroc Farkus of the karuntee clan of moon dwellers, stationed on Sector Seven, studied the human female huddled in the corner of his gray sofa. Asleep, she appeared fragile and small, but he knew different. She’d struggled in his arms to free herself, hitting and scratching his face and chest. He’d have bruises on his legs for weeks.

She fought like an animal trapped in a cage once they were up here, before she passed out on the sofa. Impressed by her fight, he couldn’t take his eyes off her now. The last thing he wanted was to find her attractive or worse alluring. Dammit if she didn’t heat the blood rushing through his body headed for his cocks. He stepped out wide, letting the larger cock fall to the side.

Aroc raised his eyes to the sound of the doctor running the scanner over her forehead, taking her temperature to make certain she hadn’t run a fever when she passed out.

“Captain, don’t hesitate to contact me if anything changes. From her numbers—I’m basing them on my knowledge of your late wife, Katherine’s, annual physical—this young lady will be okay. Her blood pressure’s a little high, but I suspect it would be under the circumstances.”

“I can handle it from here, Doctor.” His gaze settled on her flat belly under the T-shirt, a hint of her brown skin peeking out from the raised hem. He shot a look at the doctor. “And you’re certain she’s not pregnant?”

“No. The scanner would’ve picked up a second heartbeat. I’ll prescribe human vitamins and a birth control injection. I’ll perform a bio-scan; adjust the active ingredients so I don’t over dose her system.”


If you were one of the original newsletter subscribers in 2011 you saw me fleshing out the beginning of this story, yet you never knew why Commander Oliver Cantrell despises the Karuntee Captain, Aroc Farkus. You will now.

Let me know if you enjoy the story.

Sincerely, Cora Blu















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