Whimsical Art by Lisa George

Canvas wall art. 20×16

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Welcome to my other talent where I paint, sketch, draw, garden, sew, and so much more. Many of you know me as Cora Blu, however, since my youngest daughter was diagnosed with Lupus, writing and publishing books has become too isolating when I need to be front and center in her world. I appreciate every one of my readers supporting me through the years, however, writing stories with sexual content, was not something I was proud of, so here I am exploring my other talents under my name, Lisa George. Art in this form allows me to be present in my family the way I always wanted to be. A stay at home mother with awesome children and an amazing husband that supports my decisions and dreams with a smile and a loving embrace is my everyday romance. 

Why did I use the name, Cora Blu? Cora was my grandmother’s name, and I loved her dearly and blue is one of my favorite colors. Will I ever publish again? Although I’ve written eight new stories, pirating has made it a financial burden I’d rather not have right now.   


Coffee and my sketch pad


I hope you enjoy this side of my talent and give me a chance to wow you with my imagination.

Weekly, I will be sharing my art with you. And spring of 2018, I will be having a local art show to get my feet wet. I will let you know how that goes, with pictures and videos. 


Thanks for stopping in and I will talk to you soon.


***********************************************January 16, 2018


  Hey friends. Here’s a look at my living room. I love decorating and having a neutral color on one of the most expensive items in your home is one of the most cost-effective ways to go.

We purchased this sofa from Art Van Furniture approximately Twenty years ago. We’ve raised three children and it still looks amazing. Take care of your leather. Cleaning and conditioning monthly is a must to maintain its subtle quality and brightness.

Use pieces unexpectedly. The knit pillows were once sweaters. The African print pillow I made from material I purchased at the African festival. The butcher block table I purchased years ago from World Market.
As you can see, my hubby plays the guitar as a hobby. Well, I incorporated them into my design.

I hope you enjoyed this little peek into my world. Next time I will show you more of my art.

Any questions leave it in the contact form below.

Have a great day.

Lisa George aka Cora Blu