"Midnight Moaning"

Can one share their life with another human being and never develop an emotional attachment? Impossible. So why is such a close and intimate relationship never spoken of. How do they grow as women together and never form a bond of sisterhood? This is my take on some of the times that never get spoken of. Blood only makes you family, love makes you sisters.

Bask in the sweet scent of secret praise. The avalanche of gratitude shown for the understanding that permeated between the two women.

      “Midnight Moaning.”

The white stove never stood a chance with Sadie in the kitchen. With every burner and the oven going the big country kitchen smelled of baked goods and roasted ham. The party was in one hour, but little Timothy still hadn’t moved away from the warm biscuits. Sadie stood, hands on her lean hips and wiped at her apron. She couldn’t let him see how much it warmed her heart to see him eat. She may have been the maid, but no one treated her as such. In this house she was family, but to Savannah Edwards she was more like a sister.

“Timothy, sweetheart, that is the last biscuit tonight. You get right upstairs and wash for bed.”

A buttery smile gleamed at Sadie. “But…”

“Timothy James Edwards, I don’t have time for you to try and sweet talk me tonight young man. This house is going to be full of hungry guest and your momma is expecting food to be on the table on time…now get. I’ll be up to check on you soon as this other batch of biscuits is ready.”

“Yes ma’am.” Slow as a snail on crutches, Timothy inched his way up the creaky back stairs. The love between the two was evident in the slow grin that eased across his little face.

Sadie was like a mother to Timothy. She cared for him with the hand of a mother. She wasn’t just the maid; she was loved like family and treated as a sister by Mrs. Edwards. The two women shared lives for the last eight years and the bond was never stronger.

“Sadie dear…how’s it coming in here?” Savannah Edwards was all elegance. Timothy’s mother was a natural beauty and a woman of high society. Parties every weekend was not unheard of, but would never be the success they were without Sadie. The friendship between the two women showed in the way they treated one another.

“Oh, if I can keep Timothy out of my biscuits, things would move along a lot faster. That boy is going to be tall as this house eating the way he does.”

“Where is the little minx?” Oven mitt in hand, she opened the oven, inhaled and closed her eyes. “Oh Sadie.”

“Close that…you’ll draw him back down.” Hand waved toward the stairs, “I sent him off to get ready for bed.”

“Good…he’ll just sweet talk me into allowing him to stay up late. What would we do without you Sadie?”

“You wouldn’t be having this party tonight, that’s for sure. How many guests did you invite anyway?”

“I didn’t invite them, Mr. Edwards invited them. He always gets in over his head and next thing you know we have a house full of people. I think maybe thirty.” With the cabinet open, Savannah took down the punch bowl and little crystal mugs to hang off the sides. “Sadie be a dear and wash this for me. I’ll go and bring the alcohol out. A bunch of bankers sitting around talking finance without alcohol is just un heard of.” A warm smile pushed at her smooth skin.

Sadie took the offered crystal bowl and eased it into the warm soapy water, turning to Savannah. “Besides, no offense, but that awful Mr. Cantrell will be here no doubt.”

“You don’t find him to be the most handsome man ever?”

“Oh…it’s like seeing Rock Hudson, but his stares start at the floor and by the time they reach my face I feel as if he’s seen more than I was showing.”

“It’s the blue eyes. I could ask Richard to talk to him…”

“Oh don’t do that, besides if I’m out of here soon enough he’ll never see me.” Blushing, Sadie scrubbed at the bowl. She was enamored with Mr. Cantrell, but what could come of it. It’s not like they could date openly and she was nobody’s secret.

“Sadie…you’re blushing. Don’t try and hide it…I saw the way your eyes danced just now. you are attracted to him.”

“I would have to be blind not to be.” She fired a quick glance at Savannah. “Sometimes I wish everyone saw the world through your eyes. We could never be a couple.”


She nodded toward Savannah’s peach robe. “Don’t you think you should be getting dressed soon?”

Savannah slipped the silk sash out of its loose ribbon and opened her robe. “I’m dressed, but I’ll need your help to fasten my pearls once I put my face on.” Silver sparkled off the bejewel cocktail dress. White with silver sequins flickered under the kitchen lights. Her boa feathered house slippers even sparkled.

“You look stunning. No one will notice my delicious pudding when you’re in the room.”

“Good…because Timothy will be looking for his share in the morning.”

The two women rested against one another as their laughter filled the warm room. To hear them together was to hear sisters talking. The comfortable atmosphere scented the house along with the sweet biscuits. They held a bond neither was aware of. The bond of sisters.

“Sadie, why don’t you stay and at least have some drinks before heading off? I know you have your sister’s party tonight, but honey I’d hate for you to go through all this trouble and not have one drink with us.”

A look of impossibility came over Sadie and she placed an arm around Savannah. “You are the only one that seems to forget I’m the hired help.”

“Oh…come on Sadie…you know you are not just the maid here. You are like family. Timothy practically has two mothers. Come on share a drink…you’ve worked so hard on this.” Warm green eyes held Sadie close. The invitation was sincere.

Pushing Savannah out of the kitchen, “Go and finish getting dressed or I’ll never be done in here.” The two women stood and held the others gaze.

Savannah kissed her palm and blew Sadie a kiss before turning to glide up the stairs in her elegant manner, calling back over her shoulders. “I’m not done with you two Sadie. I will leave it alone this time, but you would be good for him.” She dissapeared around the corner.

Sadie stood shaking her head. If only the rest of the world were so blind.

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