Midnight Moaning / scene two

Scene two

The night air was saturated with lilacs and freshly mowed lawns as Sadie descended the sidewalk to catch the 7pm shuttle home. The warm evening breeze ruffled the fringes of her untidy hair, but she was on her way home, so the fine hairs around her oval face would have to wait. She’d neaten up at home. Thelma’s party was not for another hour, she had time. With a bag of groceries from her earlier trip to market perched on her hip, she stepped out the way before she was mowed down my Sally Mercer and her new bicycle. The street lights were beginning to flicker and any kid with a lick of sense would have his behind on the front porch before they came on.

She called after the fleeting blur. “Hurray home Ms. Sally, you know better than to play so far from home.”

The little girl called back over her shoulders, brown pigtails whipping wild and free. “Yes ma’am Ms. Sadie.”

Sadie watched the little spit fire, knees pumping her little butter cream dress as she high tailed it home. All the children of the neighborhood loved and respected Sadie. Deep in her purse now, looking for her bus transfer, Sadie never saw the white and taupe car pull in front of the curb. Rock Hudson’s twin leaned over the passenger side to speak to her.

“Hello Ms. Sadie.”

Straightening the paper bag of groceries, “Evening Mr. Cantrell.” She tried not to seem startled as her heart beat like a June bug trapped in a mason jar. He was just too handsome to be toying with her.

Dark almost black hair, neat and trim atop a hard forehead nodded at her packages. “Those bags look heavy, can I give you a lift somewhere?”

Her easy smile always attracted more attention than she was applying for. “How kind of you to offer, but my bus will be along momentarily.” The passenger door swung open along with Sadie’s eyes. Was he offering her a ride in broad daylight? She scanned the surrounding homes for moving curtains. Who would see her. No matter who made the suggestion, some how the story would be of how she was flirting with Mr. Cantrell. She had to get out of there. “I don’t mind waiting on the shuttle Mr. Cantrell, you have a nice evening.”

“Non-sense, I happen to know that you don’t live that far from here. Let me at least see you to your door.”

Defenses up. “Just how may I ask do you know where I live.”

He held a hand up. “Wow…relax. I picked up Timothy from your home last month if you will recall. When Savannah was ill. You kept him tell she recovered. Remember I am her cousin.”

Eyes low with embarrassment. “Oh…right. I forgot about that.” The tight braid she wore down her back felt like a rope around her neck now. She was very aware of his attraction to her and some men you just didn’t play with and Mr. Cantrell was one of those men. He was family to Mr. Edwards and she knew that if she spurned his intentions it could end badly for Mr. Edwards.

“So come on…here.” Car in park, he jumped out and came around to stand in front of her. Old Spice smoothed over her face with him so close. “Let me take these from you.” At six feet he stood at least a head above her. Navy pinstripe suit with a white shirt and blue and grey tie, laid against his broad chest like a spent lover, easy. The tell-tell signs of a tailored suit, no stress lines.

She held the grocery bag and her tote. “Mr. Cantrell I am grateful for the offer, but my shuttle is here.” The two looked up at the city bus that stood behind his car. The driver eyeing Mr. Cantrell with a look of disdain on his stern old chocolate face.

“Oh…well maybe next time Ms. Sadie.” His blue eyes moved over her face making her blush. He was just too handsome to be flirting like that. “Hey…why not come back to the party with me? I’m sure you made all the food, why not come enjoy some. Besides you can hear the bragging first hand. Savannah is a most gracious host, but we all know who cooked.”

“Very kind of you to say, but no.” She side stepped him as the driver blew his horn. “I have another engagement tonight.”

“Look.” He touched her forearm then drew back. “Pardon me…” He was hitting on her. “…Can I take you to dinner this Saturday, my treat?”

Surprise was the name of the new blush she wore. “Dinner…Mr. Cantrell…” she adjusted her bags, before turning to leave. Why did the handsome ones always seem to be so naïve about life? “You have a good evening at the party and make sure to compliment Mrs. Edwards on the house. She worked really hard herself.” She walked up to the bus door and could hear foot steps behind her.

“Okay, how about a picnic? Maybe in the park?” A hand in his front pocket showed his uncertainty.

She turned to watch him. The attraction was mutual but the timing was wrong–by centuries. “No thank you Mr. Cantrell, I think we should stick to people we can date…openly.” He stepped back as she mounted the stairs of the bus and watched with pained eyes as the bus pulled around his car and drove off.

Did I just hurt his feelings? She watched him watch her bus pull away from the curb. I’ll find out in the morning.

                                                    *         *          *         *

This planet is riddled with prejudices. How do humans find love when they have so many barriers to the finish line? I want her and I intend on having her.

Oliver Cantrell, Commander of the third sector of planets orbiting the earth, came here to get information on who financed the last mission to his galaxy. They needed to be stopped. The pollution that was coming off this phase of earth was detrimental to his planets and people.

Man just could not get this right. Even their inhabitants they handled with disregard. All the advancements being made and they still held your ethnic make-up against you. Well there’s one human that he intended to take away from all that, Sadie Ochi. The most beautiful woman he’s ever seen and known.

Oliver could not get her out of his mind-a total distraction. Those deep brown, almond shaped eyes and the way they slanted up on the corners. The way she smiled was open and inviting. But enough about her, he came to stop the further abuse of his sector and Mr. Edwards was his first mission. If everything went according to plan then sector three would not only be free of earth’s pollution, but he would have someone to share his solitary life with. Failure was not an option he worked with, he would save his planets from destruction and his heart from despair.

One soft, southern Asian flower at a time.

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