Where is Dagger?

She's all he ever wanted. He's all she ever desired

Thank you everyone that has come by in search of Dagger. Unfortunately the date was published incorrectly. November should have been the true date, but now with a few more health issues surfacing I will have to postpone my release date to the new year. I cannot hand you, the reader, a story unpolished.

I will also run a contest to name the heroine for the next brother in the “Brothers of Element Series”

When the hero, Blade, receives his memory it’s the one girl from school he teased the most, a beluga whale, the girl who would rather watch him evaporate than become his mate. Time to send the flowers.

Thank you so very much for hanging in there with me. Please be patient as this has caught me un awares as well. In the mean time, get those e-readers ready, you will love these brothers.

Cora Blu