The Bartholomew men

How did the “Brothers of Element” come to their lot in life?

——( To see the majesty of such a poweful creature, flip back to the previous post and watch the video)

Attempting to unearth the illustrious Clear Coral, Edward Bartholomew, looked to pad his pockets. As punishment the ocean transformed him into her guardian, a shifter—a tiger shark.

Through his offspring he will keep Clear Coral alive—fed. If she dies, the ocean will walk on land and the land will swim beneath the currents, fore she holds the earth’s excess heat within her walls. Without true love she cannot exist.

Six brothers and five bodies of water to keep watch over. Each brother must find his true love and feed the Clear Coral.

But, villains swim too.

With poaching, shipment pirating and finning a constant problem, protecting their clans while finding their true life mate, becomes a dailey challenge.

Tiger sharks rule the ocean. Come meet the women that love them.

Dagger, Blade, Ridge, Tipp, Edge and Dirk will make you swim past the breakwaters.

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