Pre-release sale

Hi everyone.

In advance of my novella coming out next month, Brothers of Element Series, Dagger, will be on sale until the end of the month for $3.99 If you’ve followed the story on Wattpad, and I hope you have, I want to inform you that it will be posted through chapter ten.

The novella will be available on Amazon next month. If you are in their Prime program you may borrow it, but will be remain available for purchase.

I want to say thank you to those that have purchased a copy of the ebook as well as the paperback, which I lowered the price as well to $14.99.

Drop a line sometimes. Hearing what you think is important. I would love to hear how you’re enjoying Dagger, and if you want to see it in your local libraries, let them know and they will let me know.

Dagger is available (amazon)@, (B&N)@, . Kobo (All formats are available)

Sincerely, Cora Blu

What's Next?

Well Spring is on its way, I believe.

First I must say thank you to all that have purchased book I. If you know the  song “2 sides of me”, by Hinder, that’s who I listened to writing the elemination ceremony scene. That and “Ride it” by Jay Sean, for Drew’s part.

The next installment in the Brother’s of Element Series will be a Novella. The character Max, the botanist, will take center stage. SPOILER ALERT. If you have not picked up Dagger, Brothers of Element Series, I recommend you do before picking up Max.

Here’s the cover in progress for Max.

Again thank you for reading, and my Editor for not looking at the clock (4am) while we worked through how much was too much in the bedroom scenes.

Cora Blu

His animal was out... Now they think he's a spy...

Ebook sale


On wattpad there are four chapters of Dagger available to read. If you find the story to your liking it is available for 75% off until midnight Saturday @ Smashword.

Dagger will continue to be available everywhere else and book II in the series will be available this summer, also in April the story of Max, the botanist, for those who’ve read book I, you will enjoy learning who he truly is and what happened to Blade once he got back to the Pacific.  And who can get enough of Augustine?

Enjoy your reading, Cora Blu.



Smashword ebook sale

March is national ebook month

Come and join me for a 6 day sale (March 4th-10th) @ Smashword

“Dagger” (Brothers of Element Series)

75 % off Coupon code: REW75 ($1.25)
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Click the link to connect, the coupon will register at time of check out.

Have a towel handy, he lives under water. Oh, yeah, Dagger likes pretzels rolled in bacon and baked in brown sugar—sweet tooth.


Thank you, Cora Blu