"Cora Blu-Tuesday Teaser"

“Sometimes it’s the little every day things that stir the deepest emotions”


It was only a hairbrush. Yet the desire to penetrate her thick waves with the rough, black bristles, to feel the deep stroke over her scalp, the intrusive separation of her hair as it caressed the strands repeatedly brought heaviness to her breast.

She lifted the weighted brush over her head and wondered how such an everyday act could be so intimate as to make her blush? Looking in the mirror, she watched her hair hide the black bristles slipping through her waves. The movement gave his scent a conduit straight to her nose; warm sand, vodka and licorice fragrances brought flames of need to lick up her thighs. It found her moist and sensitive core.

What was in the tea Carina gave her?


(Dagger, Brothers of Element Series)

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Cora Blu