Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser

“Cora Blu’s Tuesday Teaser”

“The Elimination Ceremony” King Dagger awaits his first opponent in the ring as clan members fill the stands to watch others challenge him for his mate—a human female.

The blue and gold family colors were a tangible reminder of the weight he carried during these challenges. The Bartholomew name came with pride and honor; his family gave those of his ocean a sense of protection.

Dagger straightened the leather belt tight to his hips and studied the licentious faces circling the arena. The first human elimination ceremony brought out more than a few spectators. There were faces he had not seen since the schoolroom. Men representing all five oceans around the world and from seven different territories readied themselves to witness the challenge for the crown.

On closer observance, he noticed one phrase bounced on the lips from male to male—human female. The territory became secondary in their eyes, bothering him on a male level as well as king. How many shifters knew of her gentle touch? How many more kidnappings were being devised for Drew?

The solidity of the hilt of his sword between his fingers, molded from years of fighting, before it was outlawed and sequestered to the arenas only, grounded his mind. The arena hummed with adrenaline pumping through large bodies, hungering for a chance to have a human mate.

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Pick up a copy and find out what goes on at the elimination ceremony. It’s not your average fight.