Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser

Sometimes you have to work with what you have, to save those around you.

Drew Hamilton would make certain the right man was eliminated… by giving Dagger his window of opportunity… if he didn’t get caught up in the show.

———–The Elimination Ceremony—————

They greeted her one at a time, dragging their tongues between her fingers. Sliding her hands overhead, she swayed her hips, breasts pressed along their chests. Walking in and out around the circle of men, dragging her nails over their now wet torsos, she ran her fingers through loose hair that slung over their shoulders. The silky material rippled over the soft swells of her behind, barely covering the crescent moon straining to peek out from under the clinging material. She turned her back to the window. Strides smooth and unhurried, she rested her body along the glass, shoulders relaxed, as she continued her sensual glide over the hard surface, her legs together as she slid down the glass with her arms trailing behind her over the glass. His grip tightened around the hilt at the sight of her opening her knees wide and her back arched.

Licking his lips, the taste of her sweet mouth crowded his memory.

“You better be fighting back there, Dagger.”

“Hell’s teeth, Drew.”

—————The End———————————-

Thanks for joing me for “Tuesday Teaser”

Go to Pinterest to see what pictures inspired this scene. This is ony 1/3 of the ceremony. Pick up a copy of Dagger and enjoy the rest.

Sincerely, Cora Blu