Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "He could feel her pain."

“Dagger” sitting in his office meeting with his security staff, father and Dirk, his brother and head Scientist. All he can think of is watching Drew and the pain she went through after their bonding and how helpless he felt.


Loud voices bounced around the panelled office that backed into his home.

“Gentleman, wake my mate and my retaliation will be uncontrolled,” Dagger announced to the room. The quiet became louder than the voices.

“She suffered—” Dirk’s tone held a level of grief, sadness.

A bloody battle raged beneath her tender skin. Yet again, he claimed ownership for her wrenching agony. He smiled to disguise his pain. “She is strong, brother.” Shuffling the two folders, he dumped them on the black tray Drew placed on his desk.

The loving touch of her hands he saw throughout his office. A pitcher of sea grass tea, chilled in the mini fridge along with a bottle of Grey Goose, his vodka of choice. His gaze crossed the room to the fireplace where she replenished the firestones beside the hearth. Why hadn’t he seen the level of care she provided for him? Because he was an arrogant old man with a young, beautiful mate he wanted all to himself.


“Men, help yourselves to the meal. Your queen has many talents.” He watched the men devour the food Drew made the morning before they mated, especially the bacon wrapped pretzels, his favorite. She cooked several dishes, waiting for him to come home that first morning. Plenty leftover to share.

“Charm must have worked,” Desmond teased, something he never does. “Bacon wrapped pretzels, rice and salmon and sea grass tea.”

“She enjoys baking,” Dagger said, eyeing the men loading their plates. “Says it’s scientific.”

“Son, Tiger Lily is strong enough for such a task as cooking?”

“No.” He scrubbed his forehead. “She made this on her first morning, seems cooking is another form of science. She cooked, waiting for me to come home from the challenge. Your new daughter is strong-willed.”

“Then she is the perfect match for King of the Atlantic,” Fer’nal added, his plate piled high with the casserole.


Thanks for joining me for Tuesday’s Teaser. Dagger was grief stricken but as king he held it inside. He’s discovering a gentler side of himself, through his mating, with his human female. Don’t forget to slip over to pinterest to see the many different scenes from that mating in Dagger’s head.

 Pick-up your copy today and see what it’s like to bond with a shape shifting tiger shark . The window scene alone will make you do your squats regularly. 

Sincerly, Cora Blu