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———–SPOILER ALERT—————–SPOILER ALERT—————————————

Love always seems to announce itselft after a big fight. Well the gloves have come off between Dagger and Drew.  After a particularly stormy day between them it all hit the fan.


“I don’t mean them being here. I mean the protective king dance you do with me.”

Voice strained, he kept his calm, and she was upset. “Max’s emotions for you are—strong… familiar. What would have pleased you? Should I have left?” She stood to leave; he caught her hand pulling her around to face him. “Where are you going?”

“Down to the lab. I need to start testing the samples Blade sent; maybe I can save Clear Coral through science because waiting on true love from us will kill her.”

He grasped both her shoulders, lifting her off the floor to meet his hurt stare. “So you have no love for me?”

She cuffed her hands over his biceps as her tears formed. “The clan has a king. When do I get my husband?”

He felt the vein over his temple pulse and lowered her to the hearth where she sat knees up high before her. Drew spoke in riddles. Setting her foot on his lap he said, “You have tried the limits of my patience, Water Lily. You say I am a bully and I am arrogant. You speak of the sacrifices you have made to help my people… your people.” He inhaled and blew it out. “Love is an arrogant bully, dragging around the weak. Who is doing the dragging and who is being dragged around? I have made a lifetime of sacrifices for your love, Drew, and would gladly sacrifice my life for you… a woman that has no love for me.” With both hands, he clasped her calves and kissed the darker skin of her knees. “Tell me plainly. Why do you not love me?”

He said nothing as she brushed a thumb over his bottom lip, leaned in and rested her forehead to his chin her fingers flat over his heart. “You can sense sardines swimming a hundred yards away, yet you can’t feel how much I love you.”

He set her away to see her face, staring at her, the words still falling from her lips to his heart—she loved him.


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