Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Stranded but not Alone"

Simone Daniels needed a change of scenery. After a miscarriage and a bad break-up it was time to get away.

Let’s go to Austria her best friend said. Get some fresh air she said. When did fresh air come wrapped in six feet of roping muscle and bullets whizzing past her head?

——-Stranded but Not Alone———Contemporary Interracial Romance——–

The lens cap dangled from the camera as Simone, now up a snow-dusted tree, wedged her shoulders between two branches. How often would she get the opportunity to photograph a wild horse in a full winter coat drinking from a thawing stream in Austria at the break of winter? Never. Wiggling her hips, she stretched out over the thick branch to lie flat over the snow-covered bark, and prayed it held her.

Frame after frame she captured nature in the raw. Smoky puffs of cold air blew from the horse’s nostrils as he drank from the melting stream. The seasons were fighting to transition with winter leaving and spring struggling to arrive.

A groan echoed from below caught her attention.  She jerked her head around and lost grip on the camera, letting it fall to the ground as she clung to the branch. Crawling totally out on the branch, she watched a tall figure emerged from the wooded area. The morning’s soft glow peeking through the trees appeared to part around his large form moving in closer to her. His gait smooth through the downed branches and rocks. She stilled herself, hoping he hadn’t seen her. As he approached and came to a stop beneath the branch, she slowly exhaled the breath she hadn’t realized she held. The man was from the tour group, her Austrian Adonis.

He stopped under the tree and peered up at her, studying her body laying the length of the branch.

“Are you comfortable up there, miss?”

“I dropped my camera.” She extended her hand out. “Can you hand it to me please? It’s over there?”

His bright white jacket made crinkling noses as he crouched down, plucked the camera from the ground. He brushed the dead leaves and snow off before handing it to her. Accepting it, she hung it around her neck.  “Thank you.” Had he been watching her? How did he know she dropped her camera?

 “You’re welcome,” he said, his voice a warm caress. Swallowing the delicious scent coming off this man, she followed his attention captured through the trees in the clearing. 

“Beautiful animal.”

“Excuse me?”

“The horse. He’s beautiful.”

“The horse…” Craning her neck around the trees before catching the chestnut colored horse off in the distance nosing the ground she said, “Uhm…Yes, he is beautiful and hungry from the looks of it.” She stuck out a gloved hand. “Simone Daniels and you are?”

“Seth—Seth Dragoslava.” Taking her hand, he nodded toward the ground. “Fall into me, I’ll help you.”

“Thanks but I can manage. Thank you for the camera though. I appreciate it,” she said, placing the lanyard around her neck. “I’ll get a few more shots before the hiking van is ready to leave. Thank you again,” she repeated and watched him slip back into the woods. She refused to notice, what a sexy voice he had. No man-candy this trip.

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Sometimes we need to leave home to find those who make the biggest impact on our lives. Thank you, Seth.

Sincerely, Cora Blu

Disclaimer: Stranded but Not Alone’s heat rating is a 4 out of 5.


Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser

“No one knocks on the door at two am to borrow sugar”

—–Two a.m. Feeding——-


No one bangs on your door at two-fifteen in the morning unless it’s an emergency.

“Who is it?” he yelled, fumbling with the zipper on his jeans, grateful he left a light on in the living room. He could at least see there was no one in the apartment.

“Max… it’s Chloe. Can I come in?”

What was she doing out so late? He lunged for the door, banging his hands trying to unlock it. Throwing it open, he took her in head toe while rubbing his knuckles.

White satin pj bottoms, white satin top and white paper bag. Her hair was wet and pulled into a high ponytail, and her soft, black face was warm and smiling.

“I changed my mind—I like you enough to share my cantaloupe with you.”

What was she talking about? “Cantaloupe? Come in…” he said, stepping back into the room, rubbing a hand over his half focused eyes. “It’s too late for riddles, Chloe. What are you talking about?”

“The other morning—on the bridge… I wouldn’t share my cantaloupe.” She closed the door behind her and he followed her stare. Down his chest to his half-zipped and tented jeans, and made no effort to conceal himself. Wake a man up two in the morning this is what you get.

He shoved his hands in his pockets and watched her secure the lock on his front door. Pushing his hands deep inside the pockets made his jeans ride even lower. He stood there, legs braced apart on bare feet. The rug under his feet was thick and comfortable.

“You came to share your fruit with me, Chloe?”


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My Latest Release

Can three hundred years of love be enough when jealousy walks in?

I’m so excited. Today is release day for “Desmond” a short storyfrom the Brothers of Element Series.

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Pressure played through Carina’s heart. Tightening, flexing the tender muscle, it threatened to burst. She had dreaded this day for over three hundred years. The day envy found the heart of the strongest man she knew. Today it found her life mate.

Pain ripped at her heart as she leaned along the doorjamb, listening to the echo down the hallway. The front door made a light snick. Desmond left their home with jealously in his heart. He had refused her pleadings to stay and talk it over.

Being the former surrogate to the king of the Atlantic, Carina knew one day it would eat away at her life mate. That day has arrived. Desmond left.


I would love feedback on this short story. Just think what Dagger’s life mate thinks of this and she’s human.

Cora Blu

Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Pier Pressure"

 Today’s excerpt we find Drew and Jim, her boss and friend, working on the pier.  Jim’s concerned about her actions as of late. Standing on the pier taking water samples he makes his concerns known.

 “Drew, your like a sister to me.”

Cursing the humid, South Carolina morning she had just prayed for, she set the mug of coffee on the pier’s railing. “Either my coffee’s cooled or I can’t tell the difference between the coffee and the hot air.”

“I should’ve made iced coffee this morning,” Jim said.

Ice and coffee, was he crazy?Her nervous system began shutting down just thinking of those two things in the same cup. “Ice doesn’t belong in coffee,” she complained. “It’s unnatural. Caffeine needs heat to push through my body this early in the morning.” She removed the sample vials from the crate to place in the cooler.

“Well, don’t worry. There’s no ice in your coffee,” he assured while helping her load the samples. “Listen, Drew, about what happened down there. Losing Martin and your mother so sudden and so violently, it’s understandable your need to carry on in his footsteps. But you gotta be careful. Yeah, you’re great with the animals… but you’re not one of them.”

“I know and I appreciate you hanging by my side all this time. You have to admit, this last week finding the high levels of human protein and concentrated levels of sulfur where there are no vents releasing gases, and the large volume of dead algae…” She shook her head, unable to finish the thought. “I’m worried for the ocean, Jim.”

“And T-Bone?” he observed.

“Yes… and T-bone. You have a pet dog; I have a pet tiger shark.”

“Alright, Dr. Doolittle, but your right, coral… definitely stressed. Their zooxanthellae’s have been dying rapidly,” Jim said.

She gave him slow eyes and said, “You like saying that word don’t you?”

“Cool word. I tried to get Rachael to say it last week.”

She thought her eyes would fall out her head. They had to be round as saucers. “She’s three, Jim.”

“I laughed for an hour.”

“That’s cruel, Dad. Anyway, as I was saying, people don’t realize the true danger of an overheated ocean. Algae can’t survive… corals starve to death.”

“It’s becoming more and more imbalanced year after year.” He finished pulling the tarp over the boat. “I’ll be right back. Let me run this stuff to the car. Try not to save the world before I get back or drag a whale out of the ocean.”

“You’re cutting into my fun,” she said to his retreating back.


I hope you enjoyed a little snippet of Drew and Jim’s relationship.

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Can a shape shifting doplhin ease the heart of her shape shifting bullshark? Will three hundred years of love be enough when jealousy walks in?

Sincerely, Cora Blu


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