Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Stranded but not Alone"

Simone Daniels needed a change of scenery. After a miscarriage and a bad break-up it was time to get away.

Let’s go to Austria her best friend said. Get some fresh air she said. When did fresh air come wrapped in six feet of roping muscle and bullets whizzing past her head?

——-Stranded but Not Alone———Contemporary Interracial Romance——–

The lens cap dangled from the camera as Simone, now up a snow-dusted tree, wedged her shoulders between two branches. How often would she get the opportunity to photograph a wild horse in a full winter coat drinking from a thawing stream in Austria at the break of winter? Never. Wiggling her hips, she stretched out over the thick branch to lie flat over the snow-covered bark, and prayed it held her.

Frame after frame she captured nature in the raw. Smoky puffs of cold air blew from the horse’s nostrils as he drank from the melting stream. The seasons were fighting to transition with winter leaving and spring struggling to arrive.

A groan echoed from below caught her attention.  She jerked her head around and lost grip on the camera, letting it fall to the ground as she clung to the branch. Crawling totally out on the branch, she watched a tall figure emerged from the wooded area. The morning’s soft glow peeking through the trees appeared to part around his large form moving in closer to her. His gait smooth through the downed branches and rocks. She stilled herself, hoping he hadn’t seen her. As he approached and came to a stop beneath the branch, she slowly exhaled the breath she hadn’t realized she held. The man was from the tour group, her Austrian Adonis.

He stopped under the tree and peered up at her, studying her body laying the length of the branch.

“Are you comfortable up there, miss?”

“I dropped my camera.” She extended her hand out. “Can you hand it to me please? It’s over there?”

His bright white jacket made crinkling noses as he crouched down, plucked the camera from the ground. He brushed the dead leaves and snow off before handing it to her. Accepting it, she hung it around her neck.  “Thank you.” Had he been watching her? How did he know she dropped her camera?

 “You’re welcome,” he said, his voice a warm caress. Swallowing the delicious scent coming off this man, she followed his attention captured through the trees in the clearing. 

“Beautiful animal.”

“Excuse me?”

“The horse. He’s beautiful.”

“The horse…” Craning her neck around the trees before catching the chestnut colored horse off in the distance nosing the ground she said, “Uhm…Yes, he is beautiful and hungry from the looks of it.” She stuck out a gloved hand. “Simone Daniels and you are?”

“Seth—Seth Dragoslava.” Taking her hand, he nodded toward the ground. “Fall into me, I’ll help you.”

“Thanks but I can manage. Thank you for the camera though. I appreciate it,” she said, placing the lanyard around her neck. “I’ll get a few more shots before the hiking van is ready to leave. Thank you again,” she repeated and watched him slip back into the woods. She refused to notice, what a sexy voice he had. No man-candy this trip.

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Sometimes we need to leave home to find those who make the biggest impact on our lives. Thank you, Seth.

Sincerely, Cora Blu

Disclaimer: Stranded but Not Alone’s heat rating is a 4 out of 5.