BookLover's Buffet Sale Day

Today is the day.


All books .99 cts.

June 8th – 22nd

It’s time to load up those Kindles, Nook or whichever ereader you prefer. Romance novels of every genre will be represented during this sale.

From inspirational to erotic, you will find a great deal. Click on the bottun in the sidebar to be directed straight to the site.

There will be contests and prizes. Stop in and shop authors you may already know and meet some new ones.

—“Max” is listed under Romance and Paranormal—

“Max” the novella in the Brothers of Element series is available for .99 cts.

{Max is different and when he reveals his animal to the clan many suppects him to be a spy from the Indian Ocean. The only ocean former king Augustine, the present king’s father, is banned from crossing.

One woman wants his friendship regardless of what he is.

Max will fight to keep Chloe’s friendship, a friendship headed for love.

Someone is doing more than whispering negative things about him to Chloe. Someone is sabotaging not only his name but that of the new Queen. Can he find out who is behind these rumaors before he loses Chloe altogether?

Author recommendation: Read Dagger first. You’re entering a whole new world.

Enjoy your shopping, Cora Blu