Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser

“No one knocks on the door at two am to borrow sugar”

—–Two a.m. Feeding——-


No one bangs on your door at two-fifteen in the morning unless it’s an emergency.

“Who is it?” he yelled, fumbling with the zipper on his jeans, grateful he left a light on in the living room. He could at least see there was no one in the apartment.

“Max… it’s Chloe. Can I come in?”

What was she doing out so late? He lunged for the door, banging his hands trying to unlock it. Throwing it open, he took her in head toe while rubbing his knuckles.

White satin pj bottoms, white satin top and white paper bag. Her hair was wet and pulled into a high ponytail, and her soft, black face was warm and smiling.

“I changed my mind—I like you enough to share my cantaloupe with you.”

What was she talking about? “Cantaloupe? Come in…” he said, stepping back into the room, rubbing a hand over his half focused eyes. “It’s too late for riddles, Chloe. What are you talking about?”

“The other morning—on the bridge… I wouldn’t share my cantaloupe.” She closed the door behind her and he followed her stare. Down his chest to his half-zipped and tented jeans, and made no effort to conceal himself. Wake a man up two in the morning this is what you get.

He shoved his hands in his pockets and watched her secure the lock on his front door. Pushing his hands deep inside the pockets made his jeans ride even lower. He stood there, legs braced apart on bare feet. The rug under his feet was thick and comfortable.

“You came to share your fruit with me, Chloe?”


Thanks for stopping in. Max and Chloe were a fun couple to work with. I hope you stop by Pinterest for the pics.

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