Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Pier Pressure"

 Today’s excerpt we find Drew and Jim, her boss and friend, working on the pier.  Jim’s concerned about her actions as of late. Standing on the pier taking water samples he makes his concerns known.

 “Drew, your like a sister to me.”

Cursing the humid, South Carolina morning she had just prayed for, she set the mug of coffee on the pier’s railing. “Either my coffee’s cooled or I can’t tell the difference between the coffee and the hot air.”

“I should’ve made iced coffee this morning,” Jim said.

Ice and coffee, was he crazy?Her nervous system began shutting down just thinking of those two things in the same cup. “Ice doesn’t belong in coffee,” she complained. “It’s unnatural. Caffeine needs heat to push through my body this early in the morning.” She removed the sample vials from the crate to place in the cooler.

“Well, don’t worry. There’s no ice in your coffee,” he assured while helping her load the samples. “Listen, Drew, about what happened down there. Losing Martin and your mother so sudden and so violently, it’s understandable your need to carry on in his footsteps. But you gotta be careful. Yeah, you’re great with the animals… but you’re not one of them.”

“I know and I appreciate you hanging by my side all this time. You have to admit, this last week finding the high levels of human protein and concentrated levels of sulfur where there are no vents releasing gases, and the large volume of dead algae…” She shook her head, unable to finish the thought. “I’m worried for the ocean, Jim.”

“And T-Bone?” he observed.

“Yes… and T-bone. You have a pet dog; I have a pet tiger shark.”

“Alright, Dr. Doolittle, but your right, coral… definitely stressed. Their zooxanthellae’s have been dying rapidly,” Jim said.

She gave him slow eyes and said, “You like saying that word don’t you?”

“Cool word. I tried to get Rachael to say it last week.”

She thought her eyes would fall out her head. They had to be round as saucers. “She’s three, Jim.”

“I laughed for an hour.”

“That’s cruel, Dad. Anyway, as I was saying, people don’t realize the true danger of an overheated ocean. Algae can’t survive… corals starve to death.”

“It’s becoming more and more imbalanced year after year.” He finished pulling the tarp over the boat. “I’ll be right back. Let me run this stuff to the car. Try not to save the world before I get back or drag a whale out of the ocean.”

“You’re cutting into my fun,” she said to his retreating back.


I hope you enjoyed a little snippet of Drew and Jim’s relationship.

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