My Latest Release

Can three hundred years of love be enough when jealousy walks in?

I’m so excited. Today is release day for “Desmond” a short storyfrom the Brothers of Element Series.

He’s available at and  (FREE)


Pressure played through Carina’s heart. Tightening, flexing the tender muscle, it threatened to burst. She had dreaded this day for over three hundred years. The day envy found the heart of the strongest man she knew. Today it found her life mate.

Pain ripped at her heart as she leaned along the doorjamb, listening to the echo down the hallway. The front door made a light snick. Desmond left their home with jealously in his heart. He had refused her pleadings to stay and talk it over.

Being the former surrogate to the king of the Atlantic, Carina knew one day it would eat away at her life mate. That day has arrived. Desmond left.


I would love feedback on this short story. Just think what Dagger’s life mate thinks of this and she’s human.

Cora Blu