A Little Underwater Did You Know for a Tuesday Teaser

When Drew believes she’s discovered a way to help Clear Coral, she also finds she may have stepped on the wrong toe. Speaking with her new brother-in-law, Dirk and Max and Dagger over lunch in her new underwater home.


Dirk’s fork clanked against his plate as he set it down, then nudged Drew’s hand with a manila folder. “Here, I almost forgot. I brought the report with me from the Pacific.”

Wiping her hands on the napkin, she accepted the folder and began flipping through the pages.

Dirk continued, “The protein levels from the abyssal zone and the challenger deep compared with the sperm whales and the gases from the heat beds over the surface of the Trench. Blade e-mailed them right before we came down. I see what you were thinking. It gives credence to your theory on the longevity aspect, but not the shifting.” Mumbling around a mouthful of salad, he waggled his brows in appreciation of the tasty meal.

Drew reached back slid her plate onto the counter then spread out the report. “Look… here; the temperature around the vents reaches about what… 572 degree Fahrenheit? The fluids coming off the vents are very acidic, and the water from the deep ocean is slightly basic,” she said, taking a breather. “Dirk—the venting fluid doesn’t boil over simply because of the surrounding freezing water.”


“Ugh.” She wanted to shake him. “Creatures at that level show an incredible resistance to temperature extremes by the different proteins which are adapted for such difficult conditions.” She eyed Dagger, who showed no signs of helping her. “They eat, reproduce and process food….age slower, live longer. Come on, somebody pretend like you understand what I’m saying.”

“I understand,” Dirk said and his lack of enthusiasm bordered on frustration for Drew.

“Clear Coral may share some of those same proteins; it could be why the shifters live so long. If bacteria are consuming hydrogen sulfide, then microorganisms are consuming those and fish those, whose eating the fish?”

“We are.”

“Exactly, did I miss something?”

End of excerpt.

——–The ocean is fascinating. Be careful how we treat it. It’s alive.——————-

Ocean ventsocean vents

Hydrothermal vents may develop along crustal cracks where seafloor spreading is occurring. Dozens are known, all spewing a scalding blend of water and chemicals that may exceed 600*F (350*C). Some vents build into smokers that spout water chemically tinted gray or black. Theses towering structures have been known to rise 15 stories before collapsing. Vent communities include some of the strangest of all marine animals. (The illustrated Atlas of The Sea)


Often, the hot vent fluids contain sulfur-rich chemicals. Sulfur is a yellow mineral that was much prized by mediaeval alchemists, and is one of the ingredients of gunpowder. Sulfur compounds are often very poisonous. However, some microbes have evolved the ability to break down the sulfur-containing chemicals in vent fluids to derive energy. This enables the microbes and many other animals to live in great abundance around vents on the ocean floor, despite the fact that there are no plants in the deep ocean. (VENTURE DEEP OCEAN)

 Ocean vent worms

Some animals found around vents get their food by eating other organisms. But many of the animals living near deep-sea vents obtain their food in a very different way: they play host to particular species of microbe that live inside their bodies and manufacture food by combining certain chemicals found in vent fluids with oxygen found in seawater. The microbes give some of the food they manufacture to their animal hosts. (VENTURE DEEP OCEAN)


No Pinterest this week. I believe these pictures paint a big enough picture. The ocean is a delicate balance and it’s overheating at a rate of 2 degrees a year. Now wonder shore lines are drying up.

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Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Dolphin attack"

Now available in paperback.

From “Max” Max finds himself being attacked by five dolphins only to recognize one of them.

“Genevieve?” he said, moving closer to her. She was from his clan, his territory. “What are you doing? Are you okay?” he asked. Knowing he’d just squeezed her until she lay limp in his arms, a stream of guilt moved through him.

Another woman spoke up as he grappled to see more faces he knew, but Genevieve held the only one familiar.

“You know him?” she said to Genevieve.

“He’s from my territory,” Genevieve told them, her tone disdainful.

Max motioned toward her side beneath the water. “Why didn’t you shift? I could have killed you?” Frustrated, he glared at her. Was she trying to get him to hurt her? He groaned in the night air. That’s all he needed was to be accused of murder on top of people believing him a spy.

The man said, “Why didn’t you kill her when you had the chance if you didn’t recognize her?”

Treading water, Max gave a sneering glare. “It wasn’t necessary to stop her.”

The woman beside the other man tilted her head. The gleam of her yellow arm caught his vision, her fingers wiggling, voice excited. “You’re the spy?” the woman said.

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Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Family Jewels"

 “Stranded but not Alone” 

{Simone finds she’s falling for the stranger she’s stranded with. Ironically Seth’s just as interested but suspicion makes her lay some ground rules as she holds a knife to his groin.}

 “There’s an easier way to see my family jewels, Simone, but I’ll need to see something in return.” 

“I’ve seen them. Remember?” She darted a glance at his teasing eyes. 

“They failed to impress you?”

“Quite the opposite, but I prefer jewelry I can wear every day, not just on vacation.” 

“Things you buy on vacation aren’t meant for every day. Stick with the smaller every day jewelry.” 

“I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m tempted to make an impulse purchase.” She brushed a finger over his wily eyebrows, smoothing them down flat, one then the other. Seth stayed focused on her mouth she noticed, as he had when his body woke up under the hot water earlier. Curved in toward his navel, thick tip, flush from the water. 

“You can always return it.” That comment screamed divorce to Simone. Was he advocating it or coming out of one? 

“I’d prefer the sort you never take off. The kind you bath in and sleep in.” 

“Smart lady,” he said. “Save yourself for jewelry that shines in the darkest rooms.”

 “That’s the plan,” she said, the musky raw scent of him made it hard to keep from leaning in and inhaling him deep into her lungs. She focused on the space between his eyes. Any place else was too delicious at the moment…


“Stranded but not Alone” an Contemporary Interracial Romance, will be released soon at all e-retailers. I am excited to share this story with you as I’ve been told that Seth, my hero isn’t “Sex on the beach”, but “Foreplay in the Forest.”

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Can one share their life with another human being and never develop an emotional attachment? Impossible. So why is such a close and intimate relationship never spoken of. How do they grow as women together and never form a bond of sisterhood? This is my take on some of the times that never get spoken of. Blood only makes you family, love makes you sisters.

Bask in the sweet scent of secret praise. The avalanche of gratitude shown for the understanding that permeated between the two women under the dark veil of scandal.

“Open the Door”

The white stove never stood a chance with Sadie in the kitchen. With every burner and the oven going the big country kitchen smelled of baked goods and roasted ham. The party was in one hour, but little Timothy still hadn’t moved away from the warm biscuits. Sadie stood, hands on her lean hips and wiped at her apron. She couldn’t let him see how much it warmed her heart to see him eat. She may have been the maid, but no one treated her as such. In this house she was family, but to Savannah Edwards she was more like a sister.

“Timothy, sweetheart, that is the last biscuit tonight. You get right upstairs and wash for bed.”

A buttery smile gleamed at Sadie. “But…”

“Timothy James Edwards, I don’t have time for you to try and sweet talk me tonight young man. This house is going to be full of hungry guest and your momma is expecting food to be on the table on time…now get. I’ll be up to check on you soon as this other batch of biscuits is ready.”

“Yes ma’am.” Slow as a snail on crutches, Timothy inched his way up the creaky back stairs. The love between the two was evident in the slow grin that eased across his little face.

Sadie was like a mother to Timothy. She cared for him with the hand of a mother. She wasn’t just the maid; she was loved like family and treated as a sister by Mrs. Edwards. The two women shared lives for the last eight years and the bond was never stronger.

“Sadie dear…how’s it coming in here?” Savannah Edwards was all elegance. Timothy’s mother was a natural beauty and a woman of high society. Parties every weekend was not unheard of, but would never be the success they were without Sadie. The friendship between the two women showed in the way they treated one another.

“Oh, if I can keep Timothy out of my biscuits, things would move along a lot faster. That boy is going to be tall as this house eating the way he does.”

“Where is the little minx?” Oven mitt in hand, she opened the oven, inhaled and closed her eyes. “Oh Sadie.”

“Close that…you’ll draw him back down.” Hand waved toward the stairs, “I sent him off to get ready for bed.”

“Good…he’ll just sweet talk me into allowing him to stay up late. What would we do without you Sadie?”

“You wouldn’t be having this party tonight, that’s for sure. How many guests did you invite anyway?”

“I didn’t invite them, Mr. Edwards invited them. He always gets in over his head and next thing you know we have a house full of people. I think maybe thirty.” With the cabinet open, Savannah took down the punch bowl and little crystal mugs to hang off the sides. “Sadie be a dear and wash this for me. I’ll go and bring the alcohol out. A bunch of bankers sitting around talking finance without alcohol is just un heard of.” A warm smile pushed at her smooth skin.

Sadie took the offered crystal bowl and eased it into the warm soapy water, turning to Savannah. “Besides, no offense, but that awful Mr. Cantrell will be here no doubt.”

“You don’t find him to be the most handsome man ever?”

“Oh…it’s like seeing Rock Hudson, but his stares start at the floor and by the time they reach my face I feel as if he’s seen more than I was showing.”


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