Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Responsibility"

Grey Goose is the drink of choice among the Bartholomew brothers. Dagger likes it with seagrass tea.


After swimming with the teens, Dagger had another chore as king. Introduce himself to his new life mate. In his underwater home he prepared to go to the surface… to meet Drew.


Preston’s reckless behavior endangered himself, the security officers, and Dagger. The teen held no fear of the human lures or the anglers.

Emptying the rock glass, Dagger set it on the kitchen counter, depressed the small button on his way out and plunged the small space into darkness.

The simpering glow of the firestones sizzling in the living room’s fireplace followed him down the long hall to his bedchamber.

Dropping his black wrap, its weighted edges clinked on the stone floor of the bathroom. Hot water relaxed the menacing ache along his joints. Abrupt shifting racked pain throughout his body, a dizzying numbness, a state of weakness.


As the waterfall echoed over the space, darkness saturated the room. No lit candles, no crackling fireplace. With all the technology at his fingertips, this room he preferred to remain intimate. He had candles, sconces and a fireplace, but he wanted no electricity to call attention to his loneliness. Tonight, he didn’t  even want a candle to read by.

He moved to the thick of the fall. Steam rose, seeping into his tense body and he knew that tension before it fully manifested itself.


The legacy of the Bartholomew’s required on him to secure the future of Clear Coral with this human female. His history with them did not set well for having a mate as one. Although beautiful, intelligent, and having a love for the ocean, she was still human.

Scrubbing the soap over his chest, he vowed to make her prove her worth. Humans took without concern for those they left in their greedy wake.

Yet greed is how his family came to be sequestered to the ocean. One angler’s punishment for attempting to steal the source of shifting, he was transformed into a tiger shark with the ability to shift to protect and feed this source. Now his family’s punishment is looked upon as a point of pride throughout the ocean world down through history. The very occupation he detested gave him his family’s legacy: angler.

He stepped from the hot water and scrubbed a hand across his heart. Desmond’s words came back to him. She will try to escape when she finds out what you did. Some decisions were weightier than others were. A queen makes sacrifices for her people; she would learn to accept what he did as her sacrifice. The first of many she will make. He dried off, pulling his hair behind him after squeezing the excess water out. He headed for the surface; it was time to meet his mate face-to-face.


I hope you enjoyed this weeks excerpt. No Pinterest this week. The shower scene would not load. :-)) So i gave you Dagger’s Romance Trading card pic instead.

Also the board on JeJu Island Korea. Researching the Korean Straits for book II Ii found some very unusual places in the quiet country.

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