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Can three hundred years of love be enough when jealousy walks in?

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Desmond’s powerful mind pushed at hers to speak with him. She trembled from the pressure, but refused the connection, throwing up a mental wall. He forfeited his chance to direct this conversation when he walked out of their home. They would not fix this mentally. She dropped her wall and rushed a thought into his mind.

“Face-to-face, old man,” she said, then closed the connection. She waited to feel him press at her mind, to overwhelm her. Desmond was one of the strongest shifters in the ocean, but as life mates, she held control over him with a touch of her hand to his scalp. She knew this to be why he wanted to speak mentally so she could not control him. Taking a cleansing breath to calm herself, she sensed the heavy cloud of his mind backing away. The heavy air seeped from her lungs, easing her body’s tension. 

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