Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser "Family Jewels"

 “Stranded but not Alone” 

{Simone finds she’s falling for the stranger she’s stranded with. Ironically Seth’s just as interested but suspicion makes her lay some ground rules as she holds a knife to his groin.}

 “There’s an easier way to see my family jewels, Simone, but I’ll need to see something in return.” 

“I’ve seen them. Remember?” She darted a glance at his teasing eyes. 

“They failed to impress you?”

“Quite the opposite, but I prefer jewelry I can wear every day, not just on vacation.” 

“Things you buy on vacation aren’t meant for every day. Stick with the smaller every day jewelry.” 

“I’ll keep that in mind next time I’m tempted to make an impulse purchase.” She brushed a finger over his wily eyebrows, smoothing them down flat, one then the other. Seth stayed focused on her mouth she noticed, as he had when his body woke up under the hot water earlier. Curved in toward his navel, thick tip, flush from the water. 

“You can always return it.” That comment screamed divorce to Simone. Was he advocating it or coming out of one? 

“I’d prefer the sort you never take off. The kind you bath in and sleep in.” 

“Smart lady,” he said. “Save yourself for jewelry that shines in the darkest rooms.”

 “That’s the plan,” she said, the musky raw scent of him made it hard to keep from leaning in and inhaling him deep into her lungs. She focused on the space between his eyes. Any place else was too delicious at the moment…


“Stranded but not Alone” an Contemporary Interracial Romance, will be released soon at all e-retailers. I am excited to share this story with you as I’ve been told that Seth, my hero isn’t “Sex on the beach”, but “Foreplay in the Forest.”

 Thank you ladies on the night shift encouraging me to finish this. (Val, Christine, Mary K, Cindy, Beth, Camila, Rashmi and Pushpa:))))

 A few pics on Pinterest.

 It is my fondest hope that you enjoy my journey into Contemporary Interracial Romance.  Love to hear your comments.

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 Sincerely, Cora Blu.