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Unedited WIP

    “The Man He’ll Never Be”

A Romantic Family Saga, Author Cora Blu


In every family there are three relatives that show up unannounced. Secret, who gave birth to Lie. Lie, whose memory changes with the time of day. And Truth, whom you never leave alone with Secret.  

~~~Seven thirty am~~~

“Marlena Aishling Morgan–go home–my personal life is none of your concern. And Connor‘s death was twenty years ago–time to let it go,” Patrick groaned, snatching up the lacy bra and duffle bag, then pounded up the back stairs. Lena stood, lipstick case clutched to her chest, the wood stairs creaking under Patrick’s muscled physique. Scrubbing his red whiskers, he relaxed his body, then turned to look his daughter.

The gold case hit the kitchen table, then rolled off the backside. “Daddy…if this woman is okay being your dirty little secret then fine, stick her in the closest for all I care, but I have a right to know who killed my father,” Lena blurted out and watched pain redden his rugged features. The hurt look on Patrick’s face drew her up the stairs, into his embrace, his little girl all over again. “Daddy…I love you…I care what happens to you.” She tilted her face to look at him. “If she makes you happy don’t do to her what Richard did to me. True love comes around once and it looks like you get a second chance. My true love left before I even knew how much I loved him.”

“Will you never get over Dillon? The kid was not good enough for my daughter and he was a pothead.”

“Alright. I’m not arguing with you about someone from eleven years ago. But I never hid my friendship with him from you. Daddy, momma died fifteen years. Don’t hide this woman.”   

Patrick squeezed her. “You look so much like your mother standing there.” He kissed her forehead. “You still coming over before your uncle and I leave?”

“Three in the morning?”

“What other time do we leave?”

“I’m on Shayla baby watch tonight. Keith and Kyle going to the Palace. Pistons are playing.”

“Sleep here tonight.”

“Can’t, the College auction’s this afternoon. And my agent can’t make it so he’s sending one of his clients,” she told him “Don’t worry I’ll be here. Shayla’s just down the street.” 

“Got time to broast me a chicken?”

“After telling me to stay out of your life.”

“You’ll let your dad starve?” Rubbing his stomach, Patrick hung his head.

Lena tried not to roll her eyes. Patrick could get her to do anything when he gave her those sad daddy eyes.

“I’ll take it with me. Jessica’s coming by to do my French roll. I’ll ask her to bring it by.” Patrick kissed her forehead. “Do me a favor?” she said fluffing the hair brushing the nape of his neck, “Run by Kenny’s. Get this trimmed before you go. Getting long back here, you look like a mountain man.”

“A mountain man can’t survive on what’s that grainy stuff you made… quinoa. Like eating sand.”Patrick held a hand up. “Before you say it I know you’re looking out for your dad’s health. We’ll run next week,” stroking a hand down her soft face. “Marlena, you are my life. But I need you to stay out of this okay? When I’m ready to tell you I will.” He bent over when she kissed his cheek and angled to go down the stairs. “And Cupcake, stop looking into Connor’s death. Let your father rest in peace.”  

“I love you daddy, but I need to know who killed my father.”


End of Summer 2012