New Cover Release

Coming late Fall 2012, Book II in the Midnight Moaning’s Collection.

All Lena wanted was to find her father’s killer.  

Dillon vowed to never allow his family to be hurt again. Reunited after eleven years, their friendship will be the shield to all that’s coming.


“If you’re my Dillon,” she said, her voice thick, “what did we do at night under the loose fence board?”

“When the creek behind your house was low. I lay on the outside of your fence and quizzed you on your calculus. Some nights you talked to me, holding my hand.” He squeezed her. “You smell nice.” 

His deep voice moved over her, through her. She wanted to yield to the sound, to wallow in the ragged vibration, to immerse herself in the afterglow… but she couldn’t. Not yet. She hadn’t seen his face. Why wouldn’t he face her?

Wiping her eyes, she maneuvered in his embrace. Broad chest, hard jaw, crooked smile, a nose broken at some point, fiery green eyes, short cherry-blond hair.

“Look how beautiful you are, Lena.” Dillon breathed out, cantering his head to one side. “You’re not gonna talk to me?” 

Her voice came out in a whisper. “You’re alive.”


Secrets left with the truth produce lies