"What's for Dinner" by Cora Blu. Combining cultures


Apple pastry I made last month.

Combining your lives at meal time.

So you did it. You got your man, your HEA. You took the plunge and committed your lives to one another. Got past ethnic and racial differences. Made it known to the world that no body will keep you from your hearts desire.


 Now—what’s for dinner?    Forgot about that didn’t you?
Baked fish, spaghetti, chili, baked chicken, Irish Stew, macaroni and cheese, Chicken Sharwma, Kimchi…?
Writing interracial romance and loving to cook, I like including meals in my stories. I would love to showcase yours.

Many interracial/multicultural families run into this dilemma of how to satisfy the different ethnic tastes in the house.

I thought it would be great if those who have discovered some awesome meal fusions, would like to share this with other families.

I will begin a once a month blog on food fusion. Submit your recipes that combine the different backgrounds you’ve had to create to satisfy your families diverse palette.  

A brief paragraph on how this came about and if you have it available, a jpeg.  (picture) of the completed dish.

Submit it to [email protected]

Looking forward to recipes and stories.

Sincerely, Cora Blu.


Secrets left with the truth produce lies

“The Man He’ll Never Be”

Author Cora Blu copyright 2012

Coming soon

A flash of light swept over the floor-length mirror. The limo’s headlights reflected through the silk curtains, a gentle shimmer of champagne and olive green, its reflection bouncing over the room. Mary J Blige crooning away from the Bose sound system in the background.

Lena double checked the satin dress for panty lines. Flipping over her wrist, she glanced at her watch. One oclock and on time, very commendable, Brett. A quick spray of perfume in the air, and she turned slowly under the fine mist. If everything else remained on schedule at the auction, she’d be home by five and searching for Connor’s killer by five thirty.

Better grab a shawl, forecast called for rain.

“Think I need my rain coat?” Lena folded the shawl over her arm. Her satin dress would not survive a rainstorm.

“He’s bringing you home, right—the escort?” Jessica called from the kitchen. Wiping her hands on a drying towel, she padded through to the front door.

“He’s not an escort. We’re both Tao’s clients. The limo’s for both of us.”

“Then I wouldn’t worry about a rain coat. I’d be more concerned with your shoes, Cinderella.” Jessica nodded at Lena’s pride and joys.

Lena pointed her toes; the crystal caught the light. Her voice held uncertainty. “I know… if I step in a crack and scratch the heel… Just send the men with the white jackets.” Lena groaned. The four-inch patent leather stilettos, festooned with a crystal ball in the center of the heel. Ankle straps studded with crystals highlighted the seam running up the backs of her stockings slipping beneath the black satin backless sheath. The handmade gift in memory of her late mother was out for its maiden voyage.

“I’m surprised you’re wearing that tonight,” Jessica complained. She set the folded towel on the console table.

“Momma loved the arts, so I figured I’d make these donations in her honor,” Lena confessed, her hand on the doorknob. Nose pressed under the peephole, she tried to get a peek at this Brett who Tao said was escorting her to the auction instead of him.

“What does he look like? And stop wiggling your behind.” Jessica bumped Lena’s hip standing at her shoulder.

Lena squinted, one eye closed. “The driver’s blocking Brett. I can’t see him.” She bumped her behind back into Jessica. “Okay, we sound like teenagers.”

“You haven’t been on a date in a year. You’re cleared to be giddy.”

“It’s not a date. It’s an escort to a business function,” she corrected, tucking her debit card and license in the small clutch purse.

“Alright, Ms. Business Function. Don’t come home with your dress on backward. And why are you so edgy?”

“Did you know Daddy has a girlfriend?”

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Cora Blu Tuesday Teaser "Get out of Here!"

Today’s excerpt is from “Stranded but not Alone.”

I love this scene because you can feel Simone’s bonded with Seth and it’s about to be threatened. 

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Now onto the excerpt… 
“Get outta here, Sim,” he barked under his breath.
She fought hard against the urge to argue. Instead, she pushed the knife back into his hands and scrabbled up the hill, grabbing roots sticking out the ground and pulling herself up when she heard a shot; then another one echoed through the trees.
“Shit—he got me in the leg,” a male voice cursed out. Her heart seized, cold air rising from her open mouth as she plunged back down into the forest. Seth could be hurt.
Crouched low to the ground, she crept around downed trees, mud squeezing between her fingers as she crawled around the tree trunks. It dawned on her she could crawl right into a pack of wolves. She prayed she wouldn’t have to kill anyone. Her pulse beat at her temple while pain spread through her head.
Don’t let him be hurt. Please, don’t let him…
Through the trees a huddled form lay motionless. Braced along the wet tree bark, she swallowed and forced back a scream. Please, Seth, don’t let that be you, please… I’m not ready for another death.
Large hands closed over her mouth from behind, hauling her against a hard chest. She braced her feet to the tree trunk and pushed back into him, slamming into the body now under her back. Jerking her head back, she missed the face behind her as he shifted her to the side. Stomach muscles tightening and heartbeat racing, she slammed her foot into his shin beneath her, scrabbling along the muddy ground for traction. Thinking this could be Seth’s killer, anger poured up through her body. Twisting her hips, she fought to break his hold on her.
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Cora Blu "A Little Underwater Did You Know"

Although tiger sharks are native to the tropical waters of Pacific Ocean, in my world they live in all waters. As the largest member of the carcharhinidae family of sharks, which include other species like the bull shark (head of security in “Dagger”) and blue shark, they are majestic in my opinion.

One of the interesting facts concerning the tiger shark is their propensity to venture into shallow waters in search of prey—a behavior not common in fish of this size. (10-14 ft in length)

Tiger sharks are fish, not mammals, hence the gills. 

Reproduction: Female tiger sharks become fertile about every three years, they carry 80-100 fertilized eggs. Only one or two of these eggs survive, resulting in a live birth about 14 months later. 

(Fortunately, I’ve tweaked that a touch in “Dagger”. To be pregnant for fourteen months is a bad look, doesn’t matter how much pregnancy glow you have.)

What happens if you turn a shark on its back—if you get that close? Tonic immobility.

This is a behavior, which occurs in sharks when a diver turns them onto their backs in the water. For some reason, turning a shark onto its back causes the shark to go into an almost trance like state. As soon as a shark is turned right-side-up again it swims away acting as if nothing had happened. Scientist have not yet discovered what causes tonic immobility in sharks, but they have theorized that being turned over somehow causes an imbalance which puts the shark into this immobilized state.

(In California a pod of killer whales have somehow figured this out. By ramming the shark in the side, flipping it over, it’s immobilized long enough for the killer whale to then hold it suspended upside down until the shark slowly suffocates and dies. Seemingly they only eat the sharks liver.) 

  • Hearing:
    1. Sharks have only an inner ear, which consists of three chambers and an ear stone called an otolith. A shark’s inner ear detects sound, acceleration, and gravity.
    2. Sharks use sound to locate food.
      1. Sound is often the first sense a shark relies on to detect prey.
      2. Under water, sound travels faster and farther than on land.

Sharks are attracted to low frequency pulsed sounds, similar to those wounded or ill prey would emit. Most attractive sounds are in the frequency of 25 to 100 Hz. Some sharks are attracted to sound sources from distances as great as 820 feet.

(These proved helpful in creating my characters, pretty cool when you can feel someone at the front door when you are in the shower)

  • Lateral Lines:
    1. The lateral line system is a series of mucus-filled canals just below the skin of the head and along the sides of the body. The canal is open to the surrounding water through tiny pores.
    2. Like the ear, the lateral line senses low-frequency vibrations. It functions mainly in distance perception and detecting low-frequency vibrations and directional water flow. Water movement created by turbulence, currents, or vibrations displaces the canal mucus. The lateral lines in the shark transforms underwater sound or mechanical disturbance into nerve impulses.


  1. Sharks have good eyesight and they have color vision.
  2. Shark eyes have a large, spherical lens, a cornea, a retina, an iris, and a pupil. They even have good vision in dim light.
  3. Sharks, like cats who also see well in dim light, have a mirror-like layer in the back of the eye, the tapetum lucidum. This layer doubles the intensity of incoming light, enhancing light sensitivity.
  4. Unlike other fish, shark’s pupils can dilate and contract to control the amount of incoming light. The retina has a greater proportion of light intensity sensors (rods), than color sensors (cones), so sharks are very sensitive to small differences in light intensity (dark versus light).
  5. Some sharks have a nictitating membrane, a type of second eyelid, that protects the eye during hunting.
  6. Sharks that live deeper in the oceans usually have larger eyes than those that live nearer the surface.
  7. A shark can see at a distance of up to 50 feet.



  1. Sharks have a excellent sense of smell. They are well known for their ability to detect minute quantities of substances such as blood in the water.
  2.  Sharks can detect a concentration as low as one part per billion of some chemicals, such as certain amino acids.
  3.  A shark’s sense of smell functions up to hundreds of yards away from the source.
  4. Water continually flows through the nostrils, giving the shark olfactory information.
  5. Unlike humans, shark nostrils have nothing to do with breathing and they are not even connected to the mouth. Their nostrils take in water and flush it out, picking up scents in the ocean.  It does not flow back into their gills.

There are so many fascinating things about sharks that would take all week to share with you. In my series, Brothers of Element, I tried to give every animal function a use when in human form.

Thanks for taking the time to share with us.

——–Drew has her first exam after going beneath the currents—–

Carina slid an arm through hers. “Are you alright, my Queen?”

“Yes. Startled, bewildered, and flabbergasted, but alright.” Even if none of this were true, there stood Dagger. She sighed. Little things he did endeared him to her more and more. “Question—birth control—tiger sharks carry over a year, with about eighty eggs fighting to survive.”

“Not in human form,” Dr. Sarah assured her. “And tiger shark women are only fertile every three years and have single or maybe a twin birth,” Dr. Sarah said, hands in her lab coat pockets, resting a hip along the sink. “Human fertility I have no experience with, although I have familiarized myself with the human anatomy in preparation of your arrival. Your spine shows a slight misalignment. The childhood injury I presume?” she queried. “The body protects itself when under attack and a pregnancy is an intrusion, a natural one, yet still an intrusion. I will have to go over the x-rays to be certain, but I do not believe this is a permanent state for you. Normally, I would recommend full bed rest after five months. In your case I will examine you after you meet Clear Coral.”

Tossing a look between women, Drew said, “And she will what?”

Dr. Sarah smiled as she uncrossed her ankles and said, “Our legend and existence stems from emotion. If you are whom we believe you to be, Clear Coral will comfort that which has been abused with in you.”

“Abused. You mean, it’ll fix what’s broken?”


“And birth control?”

“Pregnancy is by choice. You request the male’s fertilizing sperm.”

She pinched the bridge of her nose. “I need to write this down.”

“We have surrogates… if pregnancy becomes detrimental to your health. And do not be concerned; our children do not take on their animal until adolescence. He or she will appear human in form, outside of their coloring.”

Carina added, “Tiger and bull sharks tend to show signs of change earlier than most other species.”

She scrubbed a hand up her arm to cover her shoulder and felt the shark under her fingers. She was becoming one of them.

 Drew’s in for an adventure. 

Sincerely, Cora Blu.