Cora Blu Tuesday Teaser "Get out of Here!"

Today’s excerpt is from “Stranded but not Alone.”

I love this scene because you can feel Simone’s bonded with Seth and it’s about to be threatened. 

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Now onto the excerpt… 
“Get outta here, Sim,” he barked under his breath.
She fought hard against the urge to argue. Instead, she pushed the knife back into his hands and scrabbled up the hill, grabbing roots sticking out the ground and pulling herself up when she heard a shot; then another one echoed through the trees.
“Shit—he got me in the leg,” a male voice cursed out. Her heart seized, cold air rising from her open mouth as she plunged back down into the forest. Seth could be hurt.
Crouched low to the ground, she crept around downed trees, mud squeezing between her fingers as she crawled around the tree trunks. It dawned on her she could crawl right into a pack of wolves. She prayed she wouldn’t have to kill anyone. Her pulse beat at her temple while pain spread through her head.
Don’t let him be hurt. Please, don’t let him…
Through the trees a huddled form lay motionless. Braced along the wet tree bark, she swallowed and forced back a scream. Please, Seth, don’t let that be you, please… I’m not ready for another death.
Large hands closed over her mouth from behind, hauling her against a hard chest. She braced her feet to the tree trunk and pushed back into him, slamming into the body now under her back. Jerking her head back, she missed the face behind her as he shifted her to the side. Stomach muscles tightening and heartbeat racing, she slammed her foot into his shin beneath her, scrabbling along the muddy ground for traction. Thinking this could be Seth’s killer, anger poured up through her body. Twisting her hips, she fought to break his hold on her.
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