"Wrong Time" Cora Blu

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Wrong Time”

by Author Cora Blu

copyright 2012

(Last month we left Sadie and Savannah staring at the folder open on the in house office floor and Savannah giving Sadie the rest of the day off.)

Kneeling on the toilet lid, crushing the fluffy lid cover and ear pressed to the wall, it was all Sadie could do to hear their conversation. She’d taken in everything she could hear trying to find out why her name was on those bank papers.

Staring at the towel bar absently, she listened to the men talking through the wall. Wasn’t that Mr. Colson, from West Bank? “Only three shipping dates left,” he started, voice dropping off then picked up. “It shuts down after that right… something about no light?”

“Shipments,” she mouthed, scrunching her nose. “What was they running moonshine up north?” What she heard next made no sense, but made her think of the news report her sister mentioned about going to the moon, the other week. Sadie held her breath trying to hear.

“They’ll be two shipments to sector five this delivery and one to sector twelve. Coded cylinders… sector twelve. Uncoded–five. After I receive shipment confirmation, deposits will be transferred to your particular banks. It’s imperative you break down your deposits into less than five thousand dollars deposits or they will be flagged. After this is over destroy the code word. Never use it again.” Was this sector five a code name, Sadie questioned… for another country maybe? Were they selling something illegal to the enemy? “Wixom,” Mr. Edwards said. “Your clients from Detroit and Colson’s from Pennsylvania, those are slated to go to sector Twelve. This is the last month for deliveries until the Spring,” Mr. Edwards said.

“What about your contact?” a soft spoken man said. “Able to arrange for our shipments to go to the other side–the dark side? Thirty percent deal you mentioned last week.”

Some one was moving around the bar in Mr. Edwards office. She could hear the crystal rock glasses clanking over the Formica counter top. Sadie wasn’t cleaning up broken glass because hey were careless with other folks belongings. Gripping the tank cover she kept listening.

“Clean shipments one hundred grand. Unfiltered, seventy grand. Sixty three if the cylinder cannot be reused.” Mr. Edwards said.

A few words passed she couldn’t make out. Sadie wanted to go in and shake Mr. Edwards. She regarded him an honest and trusted business man. Always in the paper for a contribution to this cause or that. Everyone in town looked up to him. Upstanding citizen. How could she look him in the face after hearing all this? Reaching down she rubbed her calves cramping her legs folded so long over the hard surface. Loud laughter came through the wall.

“Everyone ever seen those things on the other side–dark side?” Sadie leaned in closer. What was he saying? Where was the dark side? Dark side of what? “I’ve heard so much about… what are they called? Kar–something. Said they won’t come into the light.”

“Henry,” Edward said to Mr. Colson and Sadie knew her bosses tired tone. He was becoming frustrated. “Just take the tanks and let us make a profit and if the karuntees do exist, which I seriously doubt, I hope they never come to earth. Space maybe advanced, but we still have our weapons.” The men laughed out loud.

Karuntee? Space? Oh Lord they were talking about martians from outer space. What were they drinking in there?

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Sincerely, Cora Blu