Cora Blu Tuesday Teaser / What inspires?

All art work and pictures are Copyright by Cora Blu.

Where do you find inspiration?

Ever been asked where do you get inspired from?

I get that often. Inspiration comes from everywhere, everybody, and everything.

I’m inspired by places we go and people I share my life with.

Below are pictures from the inspiration I live with every day. You never know what will turn into a story.

Something’s I don’t write about out of respect for those before me that experienced them. My family comes from all over and I respect that by sharing the love they molded me with in my stories, and not the hate they lived through so I don’t have to. My inspiration and creativity comes from all those sources not just one. I hope you enjoy.

In my living room I painted a wall to resemble a picture frame and placed two shelves inside. According to what I’m working on I change the picture and the statues or vases that are on the shelves.

daughters chalk art

Acrylic painted by my daughter.


My daughter’s dot-ink iguana, inspired the iguana in my newsletter story. Look close he is made of ink dots. That’s why she wears glasses now. This is also the daughter that made the cover for Dagger and Max” 

Hubby paddle boarding as I sit on the dock and write.



Sweet grass baskets made by a women in the Gullah region in South Carolina. These are mentioned in “The Man He’ll Never Be” Most of the baskets range between $90 and $250. But the story she told me as I sat with her as she worked on a bowl was priceless. We sat on a plantation while she gave me a history lesson.

A slave cabin.

smoke house located out in the snake infested forest. The slave houses were on what was called Slave street.