How Many Hats Do You Wear?

Bigger bracelets have more cording.

Bigger bracelets have more cording.

Well what has my attention divided? 


My youngest and her never ending inventions. As a creative person, I understand her need to create, and how silencing it can be when no one hears you. As her mother I can no less not give her my attention than stop writing. 
My husbands instills in our girls the need to be prepared for bad weather, regardless of whether you’re at home or in the car, be prepared.  Living in Michigan the weather changes by the time you put the gloves away.
I blame this on him. 🙂 
After we did the Warrior Dash this summer, Hannah couldn’t be stopped.
She made survival bracelets. The bracelets contain sixteen feet of hand braided parachute cording. Fireman, Police Officers, even dogs are wearing them.  There is one with a whistle but it has not been perfected.  
One cord can be unwound in a survival situation and can carry five hundred fifty pounds of weight. Campers find it very useful. 
 Key Fob
She comes home with more orders everyday and she’s twelve. Needless to say, everybody has parachute cording in their rooms. 
This summer she has a booth at a farmers market and has been recommended for a youth entrepreneur award by the market promoters.  
I plan on giving them away with paperback book purchases this summer. What’s more environmental than survival? And with my underwater series, readers will receive their very own “Dagger” or “Blade” Survival Bracelet, or key fob. 
When a child’s mind is this fertile, I have to stop and help. Between this and her viola, guitar and other meetings, momma writes at two in the morning. J
I just had to share. 
Thank you for listening and reading. Okay, going back to my writing cave. I so appreciate my readers and your ongoing support.
Sincerely, Cora Blu

To Contest or Not


The other day I asked for feedback on finishing the quilt with “Dagger’s” book cover and feedback on Blade.

dagger quilt in pieces

As I’m not seeing any responses, I’ll set the quilt aside. It’s a lot of work and I thought a reader might like to have it. The trend appears to be in free book give-a-ways, but I felt my readers deserved better than that as they already have the books.

This is not the latest picture of the quilt, just the one I had loaded.

With everyone being so busy, I’d rather not spend the time on a contest where there’s no participants.

I have a few commitments to fulfill for a golf tournament this summer, which I’m excited about, then I’m back in the cave. 

Have a great weekend, a safe day and keep on reading. 

Sincerely, Cora Blu





If any of my readers have read “Blade,” and have positive feedback, I would love to know what you think.

Many of you have seen the quilt I started of the cover of Dagger Book I.

I’m trying to decide if I should finish the quilt for a contest or set it aside. The contest will be about Blade, if I run it, so you’ll need to know the story.    

Please email me at [email protected]

Looking forward to your feedback

Sincerely, Cora Blu

Blade (2)