Cora Blu "What's in there to Eat

jicama and pear salad.
A refreshing salad. We also use it as a salsa by adding chopped mangos and pouring over grilled chicken.
Cut all fruit and veggies into small bite sized cubes.
1 medium jicama. (jicama’s are extremely hard, but after you peel off the skin, and cut it into bite size pieces it tastes like a cross between a pear and celery)
1 crunchy apple. (my preference, Braeburn or Fuji)
1 medium cucumber
2 large pears
1 cup white grapes sliced in half
2 tbsp lemon juice Fresh if you have it
Three mint leaves torn into small pieces. I don’t like to cut herbs as some react negatively to metal, turning brown quickly.
Mix together and let chill for about thirty minutes. Keep in a ziploc and it gets better as the days go by in the frig. My girls love it. My one daughter takes it and a bag of my homemade granola to school.
Enjoy the summer fruits and veggies.
Cora Blu.