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As I close the chapter on the Blakemore  Saga, which will be released mid August,  I’m torn between continuing their journey or leaving well enough alone. Not every story needs to be told.
I absolutely love slipping into the mind of a good character and telling their story the way they need it to be told.
When you get too busy, it’s easy to forget why you started writing to begin with. I love it. When you become too busy, it’s no longer as enjoyable.
Having a number of deadlines to meet I had to change my writing schedule and cut back on non-productive activities.
I have met a ton of great folks along the way that allowed my uber creative side to dance freely in the rain. So if you enjoy my stories and writing style, grab your seat on the sofa and curl up because there’s more coming.
And some of your extremely positive reviews on Amazon solidified my resolve to move into IR/MC Romantic Suspense. Writing this story I have worn a path up and down the basement stairs fleshing out vindictive scenes.  (O-o rubbing my hands together) I love it.the man alley
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With the success of the Blakemore serial, I have decided to write one serial each summer. Next summer’s will be a contemporary cowboy story, titled, as of right now, “Will Worthy or Arabian Promise.” Victoria and Cage will have you looking for a barn to play in or some stairs to fight on.
Have an awesome summer and get ready for a steamy fall. Mikhail’s story from Stranded is on its way. Nothing like a “Threat” to make you look over your shoulders.
Unedited excerpt: Threat, Copyright 2013 Cora Blu
Dagger male and female image
Beth squinted her eyes trying to see down the hallway filled with black uniforms and bomb sniffing dogs. Couldn’t see who held the door open, but she knew she wanted to be one of the first to get out of there. A death threat. Out of the ten years she’d worked for the Heinemann and Heinemann Investment Firm, back in the states, there’s only been two legitimate death threats. Now in the new office, only one year and she’ll be blown into pate’ before she can receive her first bonus check. Please let this be just a slightly disgruntled patron and not a real crazy with a suitcase of explosives and a nervous twitch.
 The large glass windows fed her more information than she needed to see. The parking lot was filled with polizei cars and K-9 trucks. A voice from the hall pulled her attention into the room. She wheeled around to four men dressed head to toe in black gear and berets with badges on the left hand side. So different from American police.
“Ma’am we need you to go to the office at the end of the hall,” he directed, making that shooing motion with his hands.
She made eye contact with the one she figured was in charge, the mean looking one with the nice smile… for a prick. “Why are we still in the building? I don’t wanna die in here.” She grabbed up her purse and jacket, forcing her arms into the sleeves tossing a look between the men decked out head to toe in black gear.
Mr. Nice Smile came around the chair to stand at her side. “Ma’am, the office at the end of the hall, unless you wanna be a target standing in front of this window.”
Beth had to step back to look up at the wall of muscle. She bumped her hip on the back of the upholstered chair moving away from the man.
“You want all of us to go into the same room so when the bullets start flying you can stuff us in the same body bag,” she complained, unable to stay calm thinking a bomb would end her life just as it came together. His dead eyes should have frightened her. Instead his words made her spine sweat.
“Budget cuts…you understand.”
Her stomach dropped. Just as she’d gotten accustomed to her new home. Just as she’d learned how to say hello in Austrian she was looking at death. She’d moved to Austria, accepting the job transfer liking the idea of traveling and seeing the world, but now she’d see the inside of a body bag screaming… Danke, Danke.
Beth crossed the room past pushy cop and nice smile and followed the group from the office surrounded by glass. The cop was right, she had been in a fishbowl standing at the window. Slipping a hand in her suit trousers she pulled out her cell and tried to call her family, when a crowd of people were ushered past them down the stairwell along with the hot Russian with the impressive…swagger from the eleventh floor.  He hooked his arm through hers.
“Beth, don’t turn into one of those ditzy women that freeze when they see a gun…go.”
~~~Releasing late Autumn 2013
Sincerely, Cora Blu

Cora Blu…Did You Know?

Named "Red" in volume II of the Blakemore Saga.

Named “Red” in volume II of the Blakemore Saga. Picture purchased from Dreamstime.

Although, the Perrigrine Falcon is a tiny portion of the love story between Jonathan and Kenya, I found the bird interesting and wanted to share.
A bit geeky, I know.
Every Alpha must have a passion that softens him.
The falcon is a private enjoyment of  Jonathan’s that he shares with Kenya in “Wait For Me” and it shows a lighter side to the serious man.
A little falcon info.
This excerpt was taken from
Size & Shape
Peregrine Falcons are the largest falcon over most of the continent, with long, pointed wings and a long tail. Be sure to look at shape as well as size—long primary feathers give the Peregrine a long-winged shape. As with most raptors, males are smaller than females, so Peregrines can overlap with large female Merlins or small male Gyrfalcons.
Color Pattern
Adults are blue-gray above with barred underparts and a dark head with thick sideburns. Juveniles are heavily marked, with vertical streaks instead of horizontal bars on the breast. Despite considerable age-related and geographic variation, an overall steely, barred look remains.
Peregrine Falcons catch medium-sized birds in the air with swift, spectacular dives, called stoops. In cities they are masterful at catching pigeons. Elsewhere they feed especially on shorebirds and ducks. They often sit on high perches, waiting for the right opportunity to make their aerial assault.
Look for Peregrine Falcons perching or nesting on skyscrapers, water towers, cliffs, power pylons, and other tall structures. If a mudflat full of shorebirds and ducks suddenly erupts from the ground, scan the skies. A Peregrine (or Merlin) is probably in the area. Peregrines can be seen all over North America, but they are more common along coasts.

Coming June 30th

Coming June 30th

Excerpt from “Wait For Me” where Jonathan is showing Kenya how to call in his falcon, Red. (For those who don’t know, Mo Ru’n means my dear.)
“Oh Lord, he’s humongous, Jonathan, he’ll break my arm.”
Cuddling in closer, he braced his right arm under hers clasping her forearm in the leather glove. Crowding her hips, Jonathan cradled her between his legs.
“Mo Ru’n, he’s smaller than an American eagle.”
“We’re not in America and that’s not an eagle looking to land on my arm, Blakemore. From this angle that falcon looks like a 747 with talons.”
“Be still.” He grinned, brushing a kiss over her face. “He’s a bird of prey, he’ll carry you away, babe,” Jonathan teased.
Kenya flinched, eyes wide and he couldn’t help laughing at his woman. “Great day in the morning, Jonathan! If he poops on me, you are so sleeping alone tonight…after you wash my hair.”
Red, his falcon, made a few passes overhead before his talons splayed out preparing to land. Kenya angled her face into his chest as the bird landed on her arm, had him laughing in her hair something he was doing more and more of since meeting this woman.
Catch their love story from the beginning in “You Called Me” then “Wait For Me” soon to be followed by “Stand By Me” in mid summer.