Spring is near

Paperback copy contains two books

Paperback copy contains two books


Wow, this year is moving fast. March slipped in while February was still in mid-stride cruising along dropping snow here and there.

However, I’m beginning to receive seed catalogs so spring must be near. (Happy dance) 

This winter, I had a little website trouble and lost all of the last year’s entries, which left me disappointed, to say the least. As many of you left amusing and uplifting comments on the various pages. But what’s done is done and I must move on.

This year I’ve scheduled myself to work on six books. One sci-fi box set of two, released in paperback this morning. The Blakemore Series book IV. A follow-up novella for my underwater shifter. A contemporary and if there’s time left in the year a cowboy story.

The paperback to the Sci-fi Romance is available from Createspace. The moment I receive the ebook formats I’ll upload those to various etailers.

I hope you’re having a wonderful year so far. And if you take a chance and purchase a paperback, let me know if you enjoyed it.

This book is dedicated to my grandmother. Her name was Cora McGhee. The alien’s name n Domestic Duet, is Aroc…Cora spelled backward.

 Early Reviews: 

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Loved it (5 Star)

By Snoopyvet (Karen) on March 10, 2015

I was given a copy by the author and I was beyond blow away by how much I loved this book. How she combines elements of Earth’s history along with pieces from her underwater series was outstanding. The idea behind this book is just terrific and I’m really hoping she writes more of the characters we met in this book.
It’s sci-fi, romance and thriller all rolled into one
Ms. Blu does it again. Great book, great adventure. Loved her voyage into SciFi. Keep them coming.

Beta responses:

“He made me want my own alien. He’s Hot!” 

“I love how different this is from other stories out there. Hope you are planning another…”


“You did a fantastic job with this book. I thoroughly enjoyed it. Thanks for letting me read it.” 


“Loved it! Love Aroc! You’ve got a winner here. So happy for you.”


As always, I thank you for your support.

Cora Blu