"What's for Dinner" by Cora Blu. Combining cultures


Apple pastry I made last month.

Combining your lives at meal time.

So you did it. You got your man, your HEA. You took the plunge and committed your lives to one another. Got past ethnic and racial differences. Made it known to the world that no body will keep you from your hearts desire.


 Now—what’s for dinner?    Forgot about that didn’t you?
Baked fish, spaghetti, chili, baked chicken, Irish Stew, macaroni and cheese, Chicken Sharwma, Kimchi…?
Writing interracial romance and loving to cook, I like including meals in my stories. I would love to showcase yours.

Many interracial/multicultural families run into this dilemma of how to satisfy the different ethnic tastes in the house.

I thought it would be great if those who have discovered some awesome meal fusions, would like to share this with other families.

I will begin a once a month blog on food fusion. Submit your recipes that combine the different backgrounds you’ve had to create to satisfy your families diverse palette.  

A brief paragraph on how this came about and if you have it available, a jpeg.  (picture) of the completed dish.

Submit it to [email protected]

Looking forward to recipes and stories.

Sincerely, Cora Blu.