Secrets left with the truth produce lies

“The Man He’ll Never Be”

Author Cora Blu copyright 2012

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A flash of light swept over the floor-length mirror. The limo’s headlights reflected through the silk curtains, a gentle shimmer of champagne and olive green, its reflection bouncing over the room. Mary J Blige crooning away from the Bose sound system in the background.

Lena double checked the satin dress for panty lines. Flipping over her wrist, she glanced at her watch. One oclock and on time, very commendable, Brett. A quick spray of perfume in the air, and she turned slowly under the fine mist. If everything else remained on schedule at the auction, she’d be home by five and searching for Connor’s killer by five thirty.

Better grab a shawl, forecast called for rain.

“Think I need my rain coat?” Lena folded the shawl over her arm. Her satin dress would not survive a rainstorm.

“He’s bringing you home, right—the escort?” Jessica called from the kitchen. Wiping her hands on a drying towel, she padded through to the front door.

“He’s not an escort. We’re both Tao’s clients. The limo’s for both of us.”

“Then I wouldn’t worry about a rain coat. I’d be more concerned with your shoes, Cinderella.” Jessica nodded at Lena’s pride and joys.

Lena pointed her toes; the crystal caught the light. Her voice held uncertainty. “I know… if I step in a crack and scratch the heel… Just send the men with the white jackets.” Lena groaned. The four-inch patent leather stilettos, festooned with a crystal ball in the center of the heel. Ankle straps studded with crystals highlighted the seam running up the backs of her stockings slipping beneath the black satin backless sheath. The handmade gift in memory of her late mother was out for its maiden voyage.

“I’m surprised you’re wearing that tonight,” Jessica complained. She set the folded towel on the console table.

“Momma loved the arts, so I figured I’d make these donations in her honor,” Lena confessed, her hand on the doorknob. Nose pressed under the peephole, she tried to get a peek at this Brett who Tao said was escorting her to the auction instead of him.

“What does he look like? And stop wiggling your behind.” Jessica bumped Lena’s hip standing at her shoulder.

Lena squinted, one eye closed. “The driver’s blocking Brett. I can’t see him.” She bumped her behind back into Jessica. “Okay, we sound like teenagers.”

“You haven’t been on a date in a year. You’re cleared to be giddy.”

“It’s not a date. It’s an escort to a business function,” she corrected, tucking her debit card and license in the small clutch purse.

“Alright, Ms. Business Function. Don’t come home with your dress on backward. And why are you so edgy?”

“Did you know Daddy has a girlfriend?”

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Sincerely, Cora Blu