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Katana Sword.  Some information is just fascinating.
I found this weapon to be very interesting when researching for this story. Growing up with brothers that did karate, wrestled and weight lifting, I find I’m drawn to physical activities. A little background information on the Katana sword used in “Blade”. Although my heroine uses the bamboo cane more the sword, it  has a special meaning between she and the hero, if only he could remember what before he becomes pry to the rampant shark finning attacking his shifters.
The bond between the katana and samurai welder was sacred. The sword was always used as a last resort. The samurai believed the katana was linked to their soul and should only be drawn under the most dire of circumstances (which could include saving a nobleman or family members, defending oneself from certain death, or chopping sausages for dinner or lunch (only acceptable if you’re really hungry).
The katana was often worn paired with another smaller sword or dagger. The shorter sword, called a wazashi (also known alternately as Wakizashi and, occasionally, Fred) measured twelve to twenty-four inches in length. The dagger, a tanto measured six to twelve inches in length. Tonto, from the Lone Ranger series, has nothing to do with Asian weapons, but for the record, he was 67 inches long. The paired weapons (katana and wazashi) were referred to as daisho(the big and the small). The long sword was used for cutting and the short blade for stabbing. The most skilled practitioners of Kenjutsu(the samurai sword art) could even wield both weapons at the same time. The legendary swordsman and author of the “Book of Five Rings”, Miyamoto Musashi (1584-1645) perfected a two-sword kenjutsu technique he called niten’ichi (two heavens as one) or nito’ichi (two swords as one). In that technique, the swordsman uses both katana and wakizashi at the same time. Musashi was rumored to have participated in more than 60 duels. He was never defeated.


The katana is a long curved blade with a chisel like point. Because the katana is a single-edged sword it is also referred to as a back-sword, meaning it had an unsharpened edge or back, rather than a sharpened edge on both sides. Because of its curved shape and chisel point, the katana could be used as both a slashing and thrusting weapon.
The katana has a blade length that measures approximately 28 inches. It was worn blade up through a belt-sash. Another curved Japanese sword is the tachi, which is slightly longer than the katana with an average blade length of 31 inches. The tachi was worn suspended by cords from the belt. The tachi was favored by warriors on horseback where the added blade length provided the reach required to battle a samurai on foot.

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I hope you get a chance to read it and tell me what you think. “Blade” has more action than, “Dagger” yet many of the players in Dagger are in Blade. Plus I introduce you to the next brother in the series, Ridge. And look for some special attributes to “Drew” now that she’s a shifter.

Enjoy, Sincerely, Cora Blu

Someone was finning his people at an alarming rate, but restoring their friendship was the only way to save his ocean.

Someone was finning his people at an alarming rate, but restoring their friendship was the only way to save his ocean.

To Contest or Not


The other day I asked for feedback on finishing the quilt with “Dagger’s” book cover and feedback on Blade.

dagger quilt in pieces

As I’m not seeing any responses, I’ll set the quilt aside. It’s a lot of work and I thought a reader might like to have it. The trend appears to be in free book give-a-ways, but I felt my readers deserved better than that as they already have the books.

This is not the latest picture of the quilt, just the one I had loaded.

With everyone being so busy, I’d rather not spend the time on a contest where there’s no participants.

I have a few commitments to fulfill for a golf tournament this summer, which I’m excited about, then I’m back in the cave. 

Have a great weekend, a safe day and keep on reading. 

Sincerely, Cora Blu





If any of my readers have read “Blade,” and have positive feedback, I would love to know what you think.

Many of you have seen the quilt I started of the cover of Dagger Book I.

I’m trying to decide if I should finish the quilt for a contest or set it aside. The contest will be about Blade, if I run it, so you’ll need to know the story.    

Please email me at [email protected]

Looking forward to your feedback

Sincerely, Cora Blu

Blade (2)

"What's for Dinner" by Cora Blu. Combining cultures


Apple pastry I made last month.

Combining your lives at meal time.

So you did it. You got your man, your HEA. You took the plunge and committed your lives to one another. Got past ethnic and racial differences. Made it known to the world that no body will keep you from your hearts desire.


 Now—what’s for dinner?    Forgot about that didn’t you?
Baked fish, spaghetti, chili, baked chicken, Irish Stew, macaroni and cheese, Chicken Sharwma, Kimchi…?
Writing interracial romance and loving to cook, I like including meals in my stories. I would love to showcase yours.

Many interracial/multicultural families run into this dilemma of how to satisfy the different ethnic tastes in the house.

I thought it would be great if those who have discovered some awesome meal fusions, would like to share this with other families.

I will begin a once a month blog on food fusion. Submit your recipes that combine the different backgrounds you’ve had to create to satisfy your families diverse palette.  

A brief paragraph on how this came about and if you have it available, a jpeg.  (picture) of the completed dish.

Submit it to [email protected]

Looking forward to recipes and stories.

Sincerely, Cora Blu.


Secrets left with the truth produce lies

“The Man He’ll Never Be”

Author Cora Blu copyright 2012

Coming soon

A flash of light swept over the floor-length mirror. The limo’s headlights reflected through the silk curtains, a gentle shimmer of champagne and olive green, its reflection bouncing over the room. Mary J Blige crooning away from the Bose sound system in the background.

Lena double checked the satin dress for panty lines. Flipping over her wrist, she glanced at her watch. One oclock and on time, very commendable, Brett. A quick spray of perfume in the air, and she turned slowly under the fine mist. If everything else remained on schedule at the auction, she’d be home by five and searching for Connor’s killer by five thirty.

Better grab a shawl, forecast called for rain.

“Think I need my rain coat?” Lena folded the shawl over her arm. Her satin dress would not survive a rainstorm.

“He’s bringing you home, right—the escort?” Jessica called from the kitchen. Wiping her hands on a drying towel, she padded through to the front door.

“He’s not an escort. We’re both Tao’s clients. The limo’s for both of us.”

“Then I wouldn’t worry about a rain coat. I’d be more concerned with your shoes, Cinderella.” Jessica nodded at Lena’s pride and joys.

Lena pointed her toes; the crystal caught the light. Her voice held uncertainty. “I know… if I step in a crack and scratch the heel… Just send the men with the white jackets.” Lena groaned. The four-inch patent leather stilettos, festooned with a crystal ball in the center of the heel. Ankle straps studded with crystals highlighted the seam running up the backs of her stockings slipping beneath the black satin backless sheath. The handmade gift in memory of her late mother was out for its maiden voyage.

“I’m surprised you’re wearing that tonight,” Jessica complained. She set the folded towel on the console table.

“Momma loved the arts, so I figured I’d make these donations in her honor,” Lena confessed, her hand on the doorknob. Nose pressed under the peephole, she tried to get a peek at this Brett who Tao said was escorting her to the auction instead of him.

“What does he look like? And stop wiggling your behind.” Jessica bumped Lena’s hip standing at her shoulder.

Lena squinted, one eye closed. “The driver’s blocking Brett. I can’t see him.” She bumped her behind back into Jessica. “Okay, we sound like teenagers.”

“You haven’t been on a date in a year. You’re cleared to be giddy.”

“It’s not a date. It’s an escort to a business function,” she corrected, tucking her debit card and license in the small clutch purse.

“Alright, Ms. Business Function. Don’t come home with your dress on backward. And why are you so edgy?”

“Did you know Daddy has a girlfriend?”

Find book I in the Collection of Midnight Moanings “Stranded but not Alone” @ Amazon, B&N and  Paperback at Amazon. 

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