Cora Blu's A Little Underwater Did you Know


As the kids are hopefully back in school, I thought I’d give us all a little peaceful treat. Thanking you all for the loving support you’ve given my Brothers of Element Underwater Series and Contemporary Interracial Romance Collection, here is a glimpse into the ocean. 

Remember what our mothers said when we went in the store “See with your eyes not with your hands” Never touch the corals.

I hope you enjoy. Click on the link above to do a little wall diving. 

Thank you David for another great diving video. You capture the ocean like no other.

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Sincerely, Cora Blu





"Cora Blu's Tuesday Teaser"


The night club's swimming grotto. Where shifters can let their animals swim freely.

Double Teaser today. “Max” and “Dagger”

Today’s installment of “Tuesday Teaser” is from “Max” We find him and Chloe on their first true date. Sitting in the local night club/swim club things heat up between them right before they go for their first swim together.

—“The Open Room” local night club where shifters can let their animals out to swim—

The man stared longer than polite, Max thought. Tilting his head back, he put heat behind his eyes and watched the man blink rapidly before taking their orders and then hurrying from the table. He wasn’t certain if they glowed until Chloe spoke up.
“Refrain from doing that with me, Max.”
“The staring gets tiresome at times.”
“If you went out more, people would stop staring,” she said.
“Tell me about the showing at the gallery.”
“The young man is from The Indian Ocean. It is my three months of Hot New Artists show,” she started, crossing her legs, her knees pressed along his. “I try to introduce new talent with small shows, you know, sort of get their feet wet. I will have a few purchasers in from the Pacific and the Arctic.” She touched his arm. “Think you will be able to drop by?”
He closed his eyes for a brief second, thinking of his promise to Francesca… She asked for so very few things. He couldn’t disappoint her. He could feel Chloe tighten beside him.
“I’ll take that sigh as a no,” she groaned and looked away.
He moved in closer, cupped her chin turning her sullen face to meet his eyes. “I promised Francesca I would have dinner with her, but I will be there.”
She stammered under her breath and dropped her gaze to her hands fiddling over her lap. Her agitation caught him as beautiful. “I sound like a jealous teenager,” she said. “Something I haven’t been in years.”
Resting his arm over the back of the lounge seat, he waited for her eyes to meet his. Gripping the cushioned headrest along the top of the seat kept him from closing his mouth over hers. That soft smolder beneath her stare she aimed at him when he’d expected a shy smile kicked his pulse up.
“Your eyes do not offer embarrassment, Chloe.”
“What am I offering, Max?”
“Nothing I can accept in public.”
“Then I am embarrassed.” She lowered her eyes. “My eyes flirt before I realize what they are saying.”
“I am enjoying the conversation.” The woman made him aware of the gaping hole in his life. She brought a rhythm to his world—a song.
The waiter set their drinks on the table along with a small platter of appetizers, which they hadn’t ordered.
“We did not order…” he started.
“They are from the gentleman in the corner,” the waiter said, motioning behind him. Over the railing in the corner, Max could just make out a tall man angled over the bar his eyes focused on Chloe. His rusty complexion dark as blood under the shadow of the blue lights—Ayden.
Max served the waiter a stare and he removed the tray.
Chloe set her drink down. “Excuse me. I will be right back.”
“You are with me.” He placed his hand on her thigh and nodded toward the man.



—-“Dagger” Brothers of Element Series. —– Dagger and Drew after a meeting with the clan about a missing member. The big guy has a playful side.

 “You didn’t notice, did you?” Drew asked. “Genevieve knows where Cole is.” Gesturing out in the air, she added, “The woman’s body tension was all wrong.”

 “Wrong?” Pulling up a stool, Dagger dropped down and studied her. After the meeting with the women, pride for his mate soared. She gave the women a glimpse of what he already knew, quiet, humble, peaceful while in charge, focused, strong and unflappable. Clear Coral discerned his needs better than he. “I may have been distracted by my beautiful mate. I did not notice her—body tension.”

Drew stared at him then dropped her gaze to his groin. “Sweetheart, her tension was sexual, not maternal, like the other ladies. You were on her menu.” She lowered her voice. “Now. Serving. One.”

His explosive laughter burst out before he could stop it, and a kitchen towel came barreling at his head. He ducked and lunged for Drew around the counter, catching her around the waist, crushing her over the counter.

 “Dagger… stop. No… get off me. You’re heavy,” she squeaked over the hard surface as he reached down and smacked her behind twice. “Ouch!”

He loved this woman and she was threatened by a look. He pressed into her as she squirmed, gripping her hands out over the counter. Her movements only aroused him further. He trapped her legs with his, her body heat tortured him, but he needed to talk to her now.

 “Get this through your stubborn head, woman. I love you. I have never taken Genevieve to my bed, nor do I wish to.”

 “Alright… now get up, you’re heavy.”

 “I need to talk to you. Stop squirming. I am not above taking you this way… you know this.”

 “Were you this heavy last night?” she groaned.

 “I need to speak with you, Drew.”

 “True,” she agreed and relaxed against the cold slab, looked over her shoulder up at him. “You’re serious. Alright, I promise I’ll listen.”

Setting her on a stool, he snagged the other one and sat, pulling her between his legs. “I will have Desmond watch our Genevieve, and if what you believe is true, he will find out.”

“Thank you,” she said.

“You will not like what I have to tell you…”

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Enjoy, Cora Blu