Cora Blu Tuesday Teaser/ Secret lover

Lena’ s adoptive dad, Patrick and his girlfriend

Thank you for following my Tuesday Teasers all this year. Some weeks fantasy some contemporary. Reminder: Once you purchase “The Man He’ll Never Be” email me and I will send the deleted scene. Dillon’s a naughty boy.
***Tuesday Teaser*** Patrick, Lena’s father from The Man He’ll Never Be, is speaking with his secret girlfriend over the phone.
“Lena found some of your things left in my duffle this morning. I told her to stay out of my business.”
“Oh, Patrick, I’m so sorry… My lipstick case?”
He couldn’t mask his desire for her even over the phone. “And that pretty little lacy bra I like.”
“The one you stole in the woods,” XXX charged him, followed by a short pause. “I feel terrible. This is my fault.”
“It’s not your fault. Many times I wanted to sit her down and tell her.” How did he chance losing his daughter for the truth?
“Patrick… she’s a smart young lady, not a child. She might never accept me, but she deserves to know the truth.”
A grown man hiding his girlfriend from his daughter.
“To a man that can’t father a child… Lena was a gift. I can’t hurt my daughter, XXX… I can’t. There are times when I look at her and wonder what my life would be like if she weren’t there when Michelle died.”
“Patrick, don’t do this to yourself. Lena’s bound to get hurt, no matter how she finds out. Just make sure you two have a relationship on the other side. We’ll get through this… together.”
“I love you, sweetheart.”
“Be good and I’ll wear the panties to the bra your stole.”
“Honey, you’re killing me.”
Thanks for sharing a moment with Patrick and his secret girlfriend. To watch this mature love blossom read “The Man He’ll Never Be” two romances grow before your eyes.
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